1956: Sweet Sweet Little Ramona, Last Page

| Oct 18, 2021
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Today 1956: Sweet Sweet Little Ramona is fifty one and done. The first book in Fiona Mallratte’s Ramona Series comes to an end. Scroll down for the fifty first page and then go lower and check out a sample page from the next book in the series, 1956 Movie Star. The second volume of Ramona’s adventures will arrive in the spring. If you’d like to help Fiona raise money to print the second book, and get a taste of what it’s like, check out her Kickstarter page


Sample page from 1956: Movie Star.

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Notorious alt-comix legend Steve Lafler (BugHouse, Dog Boy, Buzzard) and is a TGForum member as Fiona Mallratte.

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