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| Jun 28, 2007
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Alexis Arquette is weird. Or is she? A new show on TG’s in prison, and it’s not on the Spice Channel. What’s next for America’s first trans-Prom queen? And which high ranking Cabinet member wears garters under his suits? All this and more inside this edition of TGForum News!

(Except for that bit about the crossdressing cabinet member. I made that up.)

California’s prison system goes before a judge next month, as we hear from the Bay Area Reporter.

WE, Women’s Entertainment, will show an award winning documentary on this very topic, July 2nd. Coincidence? From the press release:

“New York, NY – June 25, 2007 -The producers and directors of Cruel and Unusual are proud to announce the cable television premiere on WE (Women’s Entertainment) Television. This award-winning documentary by seasoned filmmakers Janet Baus, Dan Hunt and Reid Williams confronts the realities male-to-female transgender prisoners in the United States face and questions whether their treatment violates their basic human rights afforded by the Constitution.”


She’s an activist, a filmmaker, actor, and writer, and The Windy City Times talks with Shawna Virago, as she takes on a new role: rock star.


Remember the death of Tyra Hunter, in 1995? Well, the Washington DC Fire Department has someone on board who will hopefully make sure it never happens again. Metro Weekly introduces us to J.B. Wallace.

Speaking of firefighters, one is opting out of a dinner with Barack Obama. The ever classy NY Daily News has why. (Why classy? Get the slant on the headline. As if her attendence would ruin the dinner.)

The Advocate sat down and talked with Crystal Vera. Well, maybe not the whole Advocate staff. Perhaps just a reporter. But that’s not important. What’s important is what she told them.

Think your life is rough? Try walking in Kiya Morton’s heels for a mile. But, according to the Philadelphia Enquirer, she’s beat adversity.

Reuters points out that if life gives you lemons, put those lemons in Tupperware pitcher and sell the lemonade. That’s what Dixie Longate has done.

I still haven’t seen Alexis Arquette’s documentary/reality show, “She’s My Brother”, but Planet Out has. And they don’t like it much.

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  1. says:

    I imagine that there will be no real shining examples of transgender people from within the walls of a prison. Granted, not everybody in prison is Satan’s disciple, but puh-leeze. Make way for Richard Speck.

    And there are some of us out here, or at least one anyway who is/are not happy about state paid hormones. You broke the law, you are in prison, you lose. Your life is not your own for whatever period of time that you are there.