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| Jan 22, 2018
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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the doldrums of Winter! No more big holidays upcoming, unless you count Valentine’s Day . . . so, I was thinking about Classics. You know, the things every female-type person needs to have in her wardrobe. There are a bunch — and most are considered classics for a reason — you can always pull one of these out in a pinch, and we shall go over them now.

A perfect LBD.

First and foremost — the Little Black Dress. Or medium black dress. Why? It can go to everything from a cocktail party to an Orthodox funeral! Let’s see what is meant by the LBD designation. This generally refers to a simple, most likely straight and sleeveless black frock; remember that this style doesn’t suit every figure. It looks best on ladies with a shape like Princess Diana, or Angela Gardner — tall, slim and classic. [Editor’s Note: Keep up the good work.] It really doesn’t work on shapes like mine — short,bumpy and curvy. I do better with a flare and fit style, or a defined waist, or princess seams.  

Another real classic is a nice black suit. If you can find one with a skirt and slacks, so much the better. Again, funeral to job interview to elegant dinner — you can always say “I know! I’ll wear the suit!” and be home free.

Black pumps and boots — a real must, also flats. They do go with anything and everything. 

The wild card — a Levi/denim jacket. 

So, now you’re thinking Holy Moly, Lorraine, what a depressing wardrobe this is! But no — hold your imaginary horses here. The key to the Magic Power of Classic Wardrobe Pieces is this — accessorizing. The basic pieces are just that —pieces. The black dress — put it on, add a leopard-print scarf and heels, maybe some chunky gold jewelry — you are one fierce broad! Put the aforementioned Levi jacket and shimmery scarf over it — instant style attitude. Think of the LBD as a painter’s canvas — it is a classy backdrop for whatever you throw on it.

The black suit is even more versatile, as you do not have to wear it as a suit. Use the skirt with anything from a snazzy halter to a dignified white blouse — it goes with just about anything. Wear the beautifully-tailored jacket with jeans, a plaid skirt, or a g-string — the world is your oyster. You can start in the jacket and look well-behaved, then slip it off, and your inhibitions, and go crazy.

The denim jacket, by virtue of its changeability, has become a classic. I thought it was a passing fad a few years ago; but no. It’s not going anywhere, it comes in tons of colors and fabrics, and is surprisingly adaptable. And — it has pockets! I see them worn over bathing suit tops to evening finery, sedate blouses to sequins. One can rarely go wrong with the Levi jacket.

And here’s another take on classics — if you really dislike wearing black all the time, go with navy blue, or another dark blue. Whatever you choose, the joy of owning basic, timeless style is this — one always has something to wear!

Need a custom dress or alterations? Contact Lorraine Anderson, the go-to seamstress for the trans community.

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