Why couldn’t I have been a fetishist?

| Nov 23, 2007
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frenchie.jpgSeriously. Why couldn’t I have a serious, easily recognizable fetish? Sure, I’ve got a thing about gorgeous hair, and a ribbon around a girl’s neck drives me up the wall, but I wonder why I didn’t develop something like a maid’s uniform fetish?

I only bring this up because my parents are coming to visit for Thanksgiving, and I’ve spent the last two days scrubbing the house. Just got done sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor as a matter of fact.

And I’ve hated every single moment of it. I loathe having to clean out the cat litter boxes. Time spent pushing the vaccuum around is time wasted, in my mind. Getting down on my knees and going face to rim with the toilet bowl? Ick.

Where does the maid fetish come in? Well, according to the websites and postings of some gals, there’s nothing more heavenly than dressing up in that familiar black and white, lacy, satin uniform, and doing housework.

naughtyfrenchmaid.jpgI don’t get it. Work is work. And housework can be gross at that. Doubt me? Come over and try to get the cat vomit stain out of my hallway carpet.

As a matter of fact, if anyone with a maid’s fetish would like to come over and do the work for me, I’d be more than happy to take photos for you. Nice trade off, eh? Except, you’re going to have to actually clean, and not just pose. And I don’t want the bathroom and makeup mirror messier than when you got here.

Maybe you can also explain why. Tell me how cleaning can be erotic. Because I just can’t equate work with fun. Matter of fact, I have a big difficulty tying any of my transgender activities into anything that resembles labor.

Oh, and if you wear a choker around your neck, I may just pay for the cleaning services.

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  1. says:

    Pretend maid, pretend housecleaning results. I would imagine it difficult to concentrate on your duties with your fetish raging, if ya know what I mean. Ahem. Heh heh.

    P.S. Clean your feather duster with soap and warm water after sharing it with others.