When does Marci Bowers find time to perform surgery?

| Aug 11, 2007
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I mean, c’mon! Every time I see a documentary on transgenderism, she’s in it—her and Jameson Green. Granted, they’re both excellent speakers, and great ambassadors, but isn’t there anyone else out there willing to be interviewed? At this rate, the world is going to believe the transgender world consists of Jameson, Marci and whoever she’s operating on at the time.

Susan StantonTalking about TG’s on TV, Larry King had some folks on last Friday night, including Susan Stanton. I was getting annoyed by some of Larry’s questions; they were basic, and insulting. (He asked an 18-year-old if she had surgery yet, and when she said no, Larry pronounced her not a real transgender.)Jameson Green

But then my wife pointed out that Larry already knows the answers to the questions. He was asking the questions that most of his viewers were wondering. Odds were that most of the people watching the show were not TG, or were not even familiar with gender identity issues. So, he was throwing softballs at the guests, allowing them to knock ’em out of the park.

Still, I try to catch most of the gender identity docs on Nat’l Geographic, TLC, Discovery, and the like, and I do tend to see the same people. So, my question to you, dear reader, is: would you go on a legitimate documentary if invited?

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  1. angela_g angela_g says:

    Regina had this comment to leave but there was a problem with the commenting feature (again!). It’s working now so here is the comment Regina tried to leave:

    My answer has to be yes and no!

    Boy!, would I love to go on a legitimate documentary if invited!

    Reality. Even though NJ has passed laws against discrimination against Transgender people in the work place. Most of us can be fired anyway! What the fine? $1000.00? Or, Just trump up some other charges and fire you for “other reasons”. look at Susan Stanton! The big corporations have Lawyers on staff! Your fired, You have to pay a lawyer out of your pockets! The results anyway!-Your still Fired. You have no JOB! You will more than likely loose your place to live! (Can’t pay the bills!) Try getting hired if you file a against an employer! It is very, very,very clear to me that my employer considers me as pushing the limits already! I have had to file 10 or more grievances in 4 years against them already ( I have won all of them! Even at the outside arbitration level. Their own lawyer has admitted to the outside arbitrator (in front of me and other’s) that some of the Grievance problems had already been decided in my favor in previous arbitration hearings. Their lawyer Stated publicly that It was a waste of his time to deal with already decided issues. Why was the company doing this? Results of my wins! Nothing has changed ( the local managers have been moved to different locations no loss in pay for them, most have gained money in the move) the harassment has only taken different forms! Now, it is almost impossible for me to do my job. I have lost Administrator rights to my computer I need to do my work! I have to call Tech. Support every time I need Administrator access, they have to send someone to login and stay there for any programs requiring Administrator access, Even though they could login and place the computer in Administrator Mode remotely from their Tech. support building! The new programs I need loaded on My network Have not been done in two years! I have done absolutely nothing but use their business programs. Have visited no web sites that have not been checked out and cleared by them! I have given them no reason to suspect me ever of using the computer for any reason other than doing my Job! Now, I hate my Job! I have less than five years before I can retire. What do you think are my chances of making it to retirement? Do you really think they will allow me to make Retirement and get the lifetime Benefits package? Stay tuned! we will find out with in five years! The above reasons are why I have to say NO, I would not go on a legitimate documentary if invited!


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