Weight Gains, Role-Play Games, and Richie Petrie

| Mar 31, 2008
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Dina’s Diner HeaderWelcome to Dina’s Diner! Your hostess, Dina Amberle, dishes up a heady cuisine that goes well beyond average diner fare. There’s no place on Dina’s menu for unappetizing dishes that don’t satisfy. And she always adds that secret sauce of her’s! Wait till you hear what she has dug up on little Richie Petrie. It’s all here in this edition of Dina’s Diner.A little bit of a potpourri here this month with three items that have something to do with crossdressing either directly or tangentially.Roy S. Johnson writes a blog that carried an item about a new rule implemented by the Indy Racing League that seems to be targeted at the popular and pretty hot female driver, . The item appeared on Roy’s blog on March 28, 2008.Danica Patrick, 100lb. racer.The lovely Ms. Patrick weighs in at a dainty 100 pounds. The other two female drivers on the Indy car circuit are both 120. Male drivers are even heavier. (The blog said the heaviest male driver was 165, which still seems pretty slender, so it’s either true or a mis-print.)The new rule would make the minimum weight of the car include the seated driver. Thus a light driver might be penalized or perhaps disqualified if the the combined weight of the car and driver were below the required minimum weight. Of course, the crew could just add weight to the vehicle but you can see it would make them heavier than they would otherwise be. The Patrick crew sees it as a sour grapes rule against their star driver, who has become something of a phenom on the circuit although she has not won a race yet. In that respect, she is the IRL’s equivalent of tennis’ Anna Kournikova.The other drivers see it from the other perspective, namely that Danica has actually had an advantage in the past because she was so much lighter than other drivers. They say that the weight advantage combined with better driving or a faster car would provide her with enough advantage to win races she has not done to date.I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had the problem of being so thin that it made my contemporaries feel disadvantaged. Au contraire, in fact. Other than the usual burly male physique that creates the most typical crossdressing challenge for us, there are some “girls” out there that have the opposite problem. I’ve seen a lot of very slender crossdressers who had too-skinny legs with no calves, bony knees, and that most usual of all crossdressing problems — no booty. Like Danica Patrick, they need a little more junk in their trunk.I saw a really great article about male gamers who adopt female character names for their online role play competitions. I downloaded the article even though it was over a year old and when I finally went to read it to see what it was all about, the gamer jargon was so strong I didn’t know what they were talking about. But apparently it is a pretty common tactic for the male gamers to use a female persona and played for a psychic advantage. Well, maybe that isn’t so different from our more tactile crossdressing situations, where we have long perceived some advantage — psychic or more physical — to adopting the female role.The television Petries with a young Larry Matthews as Richie.Hollywood gossip columnist Janet Charlton had an item on her blog that the actor who played Rob and Laura Petrie’s son, Richie, on the Dick Van Dyke Show is an out crossdresser.Larry Matthews is now 51 years old and married for 20 years to a woman who is OK with his crossdressing desires. Larry said that he started dressing up in his teens for Halloween and just kept at it. According to the blog entry, he goes to parties and some social events in drag. He works for a post-production company in Hollywood and does not dress full-time. Like a lot of crossdressers he is frustrated by the seeming double standard in society. “No one bats an eyelash if they see a woman in men’s clothes.” Well, actually they might – if she was wearing a short-haired wig or fake mustache and trying to pass as a man — but I could get thrown out of the crossdresser’s union for saying something like that.

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I started crossdressing and going out publicly in 1988. I joined the Renaissance group in the Philadelphia area that year and later became chapter leader for two years in the '90s. I always enjoyed writing and wrote for the Renaissance newsletter and magazine throughout my membership years. I've been writing for TGForum for several years now. I also contributed items to LadyLike magazine and other TG publications before the advent of the internet. My hobby-within-a-hobby is singing live as my alter-ego Dina Sinatra and I have had the opportunity to do that with several accommodating performers and in a number of venues over the years since the mid-1990s. In the Diner column items here, I try to relate crossdressing or transgender themes (and my own pet peeves and fetishes) to the larger world -- and vice versa.

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    Larry Matthews. Wow. Interesting. Great trivia. That was a great show. Thanks.