Want Shoe Variety? Try High Pheels

| Jun 23, 2014
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ZEs8pnE3iEfuwqYCkqWjb0K2LJBu-6K5ZaWmu3V7mK0,LCgZYp5MFdgVowFTp-4XqJ-RxPrpfIi2dFo4KmXrBP0A few month ago our fashion maven Tasi Zuriack did a column about varying your shoe wardrobe by using clip on shoe accessories. With only one or two pairs of shoes you could have a much larger variety of looks simply by adding different shoe clips. You could have red roses on black pumps one day and more dressed up rhinestone bows on the same pumps for a elegant evening event.

Now a new company has taken the idea of using one pair of shoes and giving them many different looks one step further. Anthony Ciccarelli has created High Pheels Shoes L.L.C., to bring you his vision of the “ultimate shoe style and comfort.” Like using different shoe clips, High Pheels are “skins” that slip over your High Pheel pump (or any closed toe platform pump). Think about how useful that could be for a TG conference. Instead of having to pack several different pairs of heels to go with all your outfits over the weekend you bring one pair of High Pheels and five or six different skins, that you could actually carry in your purse.

VJHT009J1L72fTwlaLew275mAG9dYQH-95rCBQV0m7o,-0eqJFoF4F72DAnCtSAMSSd7s-K5Z9_ZCvDBK_w3WasCiccarelli also says that his shoes are designed with the wearer’s foot in mind.

“Ciccarelli Heels combine exclusive foam padding and a gel insole built directly into the shoe” is what he says on his website. He claims  that his shoes, all extreme platforms as this time, are so comfortable you can wear them all day and not get the sore feet that usually results from hours in platform pumps.

j_QZt5VAZAQ5xHL7nYVEU7li2ljwFv8lqdt31dCQUHA,8AL5298wh_xpLi8kCCG2kpKoePfeJ9QfI0ZBi0AAKYIAt the High Pheels website you can shop now but you can only pre-order Ciccarelli’s own shoe. A bundle consisting of a pair of his shoes and one pair of skins can be pre-ordered for $69.95. In the fall when the shoes are available the retail price will go up to $99.99. Until the Ciccarelli designed pumps are manufactured you can use the High Pheels skins on any closed toe platform pump. Skins are priced at $19.95 and come in a dazzling array of colors and prints to go with any outfit.  Ciccarelli also has plans to provide a shoe accessory that will convert his stiletto heels into wedges.

gYOdhjOnmErPilTpMR75POpSfY9YG2ReKRDRdMUeA9YYou can help the designed for comfort High Pheels pump make it to the marketplace and into closets around the world. Ciccarelli must place a minimum order with the shoe manufacturer and he has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise extra funds. You can help this idea fly by either pre-ordering a shoe bundle or contributing on Kickstarter.

High Pheels will be available in sizes 5 through 13.5 and the company is very TG friendly.

Here is a video illustrating how simple it is to change your High Pheels skin.


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