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| Feb 18, 2008
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Three more high-profile murders rock the TG community. An Algerian TS won’t get kicked out of Europe. And another county enacts transgendered protection laws. All this and more inside this edition of This Week in Transgenderism!

Susan StantonSusan Stanton is a finalist as Iowa City looks for a new city manager. Get more from KWWL.

We first told you about the free legal clinic for the trans-community a couple of weeks ago. If you don’t remember the details, has jumped on the story as well.

A lawmaker in Tennessee says schools should only be allowed to teach heterosexuality. Why? Because obviously, if we ignore them, things we don’t like go away. The Tennesseean has the fallout and the push back.

A judge in Illinois has been told to think again about waiving court costs for an indigent TS woman. The update is at the Chicago Tribune.

There could be changes coming to Irish law, over how they mark birth certificates. Get details from the Independent.

The Creating Change Conference has wrapped up, and if you couldn’t make it, get a recap from Jamie Tyroler, of Camp.

Why did the Democrats sell us out so quickly over ENDA? Matt Foreman has some ideas, and since he’s stepping down from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, he’s more than happy to share those thoughts. PageOneQ has a transcript and recordings from Foreman’s appearance on Sirius Radio.

Do you remember the series on TG issues the Nashua Telegraph has been running? Some readers don’t like it. But then again, some do.

Broward County, Florida, is the latest to pass anti-discrimination laws regarding the transgendered. Local 10 has the story.

And according to the Republican, Holyoke Community College is taking a proactive stance on TG education and rights.

So, is it tougher to be black or transgendered? Ask someone who is both, in AlterNet.

An Algerian transsexual won’t be deported from Spain. Typically Spanish has more.

2008-02-14_clublife_3249_3948.jpgThe world’s most famous transsexual is branching out. Catch up with Amanda Lepore at MetroWeekly.

A transgendered student shot in front of classmates has died. The shooter, a 14-year-old, will likely be tried as an adult, and, according to the LA Times, could face the death penalty.

An update on the murder of a man in women’s clothing in Detroit. Police have released that much information, but won’t ID the victim. Mara Keisling wants them to release the name, according to Infoshop News.

And a transgendered prostitute has been murdered in the Bronx. The Gothamist shares the few details.

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