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Twit Awards for the Week 11/7/22

| Nov 7, 2022
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The midterm elections in the U.S. take place on Tuesday of this week. Republican candidates and their Political Action Committees are using transgender people in their ads and stump speeches, often spreading misleading and false information about us. All those who use us as a target in order to hide their economic ideas which even many Republican economists admit will not work get a Twit Award. The 19th has this story.

J.D. Vance, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio, actually said his opponent, Tim Ryan, supports “flooding America with illegal aliens and then using American tax dollars to fund gender reassignment surgeries for those aliens” Okay, a few of those aliens are transgender, and since many foreign governments are harsh on transgender people, the percentage of undocumented aliens who are transgender is likely a bit higher than the percentage within the general population. Still, J.D. Vance is connecting things which have no connection. For throwing together overblown political ideas, and for not caring if others get hurt, J.D. Vance gets a Twit Award. This story comes from LGBTQ Nation.

The National Health Service of the United Kingdom stated that gender dysphoria in young people may be a “transient phase.” For ignoring studies which show that this is not so, in order to highlight other, more flawed studies which did not even separate transgender people into a class, and for giving credibility to outlandish falsehoods, the NHS gets a Twit Award. PinkNews has this story.

A related Twit Award goes to The Telegraph, which ran a story that contained much false and misleading information that supposedly defended the NHS in its statement that transgender children may be going through a phase. Their story also vastly overstated the potential harms from the use of puberty blockers. For poor research, and for a lack of journalistic ethics, The Telegraph gets a Twit Award. This story can be found in PinkNews.

One Million Moms has been circulating an online petition against the new Disney+ series, Ironheart. The reason is that Shea Coulee, a drag queen, is in the cast. She is not the star, but she is somewhere in the cast. It is not clear that the character is supposed to be a drag queen, but One Million Moms will complain about having her in the cast no matter what character she plays. The petition complaining about the series says, “It is clear to me that Disney and Marvel place more importance on LGBTQ indoctrination than they do on the well-being of children. Disney and Marvel cannot be trusted to provide clean, wholesome entertainment for families.” For rushing to take offense, One Million Moms gets a Twit Award. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

Judith Woods, a columnist for The Telegraph, took exception to Daniel Radcliffe announcing again how he disagrees with J.K. Rowling on transgender rights. She described him as a “33-year-old man-child,” and called him “surely the world’s most ungrateful man.” As if that was not enough, she said he “sought to cancel his creator.” Christians tend to say that they have a Creator, but that Creator is not the author who wrote a fictional character whom they portrayed on film. For falsely claiming that a disagreement is an attempt to “cancel,” while she is herself attempting to cancel Daniel Radcliffe’s right to express opinions of his own, Judith Woods gets a Twit Award. This story comes from LGBTQ Nation.

Herschel Walker defined “a man” by saying, “If you can’t have, if you can’t produce a child, you’re a man.” So, females who are too young to reproduce, or too old, or who are infertile (either by nature or surgery) are considered male under this definition. He was roundly criticized for this definition, as LGBTQ Nation showed. For a laughably bad definition of what is a man, and for using this bad definition to defend his antipathy towards transgender people, Herschel Walker gets a Twit Award.

A cisgender woman in a casino was harassed for “using the wrong restroom.” Some self-entitled individual in a Las Vegas ladies’ room felt she had the right to police the facility and after assuming another cis woman using the restroom was trans the harasser verbally abused her for being in the wrong facility. The evidence of her victim’s trans status was her short hair. For enforcing a law which does not exist in Las Vegas the unidentified harassing woman gets a Twit Award. PinkNews has this story.

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