What’s in a Name?

| Nov 7, 2022
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I was at a resort in Mexico for the past week. My intention was to dress part of the time, so I took a couple of dresses and all the accoutrements, but I didn’t dress once. The resort was full of younger couples, so I didn’t feel comfortable presenting myself en-femme. So instead of writing about dressing, I will discuss names and titles. As much as trying to write something of interest, it may be clarification of the concepts to me. I am using Collins English Dictionary, and the Oxford English Reference dictionary. If there is a real conflict between English and American dialogue, I will check Webster’s.

Let’s start with the simple term crossdressing. To wear clothing associated with the opposite sex. Associated with transvestitism. The word cross is self explanatory. It means to go from one place to another or to go over something. There are 44 items in the dictionary reference.

Again, the word dress is flexible. 22 entries in the dictionary.


According to the dictionary, it means the same thing as crossdressing. Although in this case, it refers to getting sexual pleasure from wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. The word trans refers to crossing over, and vestite is derived from the word vest or vestment, which refers to clothing.


This one was a little tricky. Binary is a common mathematical term relating mainly to Boolean Arithmetic. Using ones and zeros to represent something else. In a binary calculation, one can get two ones or two zeros together. I am in an area which becomes a little complicated. So one can assume that non-binary folks are neither Ones nor Zeros. Does this apply to an emotional or physical condition?


An individual, human, animal or flower, which has both male and female reproductive organs.

In some cases, non-humans can self fertilize. Roses and slugs are an example. It has never happened with humans. The term intersex has become more popular.


An individual with characteristics intermediated between those of a male or female.

This occurs in nature also.


The best definition I found was excessive attention or attachment to something. There are a number of descriptions for this noun which I deliberately avoided. One could argue that crossdressing is a fetish. Few of us would want to admit it.

This hasn’t turned out to be much of an article, so I am going to write some additional content.

I noticed my letter to the editor was re-published on Monday. I must comment on a couple of points.

Jordan Peterson was not complaining about nor putting down crossdressing or transgenderism. He complained about Canadian Bill C16, which deals with compelled speech. He is a free speech advocate, that is the reason I am on his side. The art of reasoned argument will soon be lost. If you can’t win, shout ‘em down.

The other item is exactly what is a hermaphrodite? It is true, humans have never self-fertilized and produced an offspring. As stated earlier, certain species do as a matter of course. So in my book, I was not mistaken.

I was going to comment on alternate pronouns. The only thing I considered worth mentioning is, sie, a German pronoun. So it’s already taken.


Editor’s Note: Ms. Estelle’s comment concerning Jordan Peterson does not reflect the views of TGForum. For an indepth look at Professor Peterson view this article by Dana Bevan.


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