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| Sep 8, 2014
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Hercules-And-Love-Affair-The-Feast-Of-The-Broken-HeartCD Review

The Feast Of The Broken Hearts by Hercules And Love Affair

The newest release from Hercules And Love Affair is perhaps the most eclectic offering yet from DJ Andy Butler. Unlike the band’s first two releases-2008’s self titled Hercules And Love Affair, and Blue Songs (2011) — Feast… was recorded in an old analog studio in Vienna. Butler wanted to shy away from what he called “organic instrumentation,” by utilizing old school house production techniques and going very aggressive in his approach to the project.

The other key factor about this album’s uniqueness is Butler’s choice of vocalists. Four different singers were used throughout the project’s 10 songs. John Grant was the first vocalist chosen for the project. Transgender vocalist/performer Rouge Mary (whom we’re trying to obtain an interview with) was next. Belgium vocalist Gustaph was encountered by Butler backstage at a Hercules gig. Virtuoso vocalist Krystal Warrren was introduced to Butler by John Grant. Each of these singer has a different style and background, but all manage to work together to make the new album the best Hercules project yet. “The key to the Hercules project,” Butler said,”…is that I don’t want people coming to the table with nothing to say.’

Feast… opens with a short piece called Hercules Theme 2014. Unlike the other tunes, no one vocalist is credited. But like the rest of the project, it’s pure techno dance material.

John Grant is featured on I Try To Tell You, which will be released as a single, and on one other song, entitled Liberty.

Gustaph, who sounds a lot like Sylvester, is featured on the keyboard dominated That’s Not Me, and Do You Feel The Same, which is one of the better vocal tracks on the project.

Krystal Warren’s vocals  are featured on My Offense and The Light. She has a lower register voice that’s been described as “smokey,” although I think “sensual” would be a better choice of words.

Rouge Mary gets the lion’s share of tracks with three performances on the new project. The tune Think is done in a lower register, while 5:34 To Freedom is mostly spoken rather than sung.

Her third vocal is the album’s track, The Key. It’s very percussive, but the most musical track on the project, although not necessarily danceable since it’s sort of a hybrid of different styles. Nonetheless, it’s Rouge Mary’s best contribution, and one of the album’s outstanding tracks.

Overall, Hercules And Love Affairs Feast Of The Broken Hearts is pure electronic/house/techno/dance material, with very sparse instrumentation. What makes the project interesting, listenable and certainly not boring is the use of four different-and all excellent-vocalists.

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Hercules And Love Affair is on Facebook, as well as YouTube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Twitter, instagram, and 


Coco Peru

Here are some upcoming tour dates for Miss Coco Peru:

Rev. Yolanda

Rev. Yolanda announced that the Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to get national distribution for her Old Time Gospel Hour movie has been more than successful. “We surpassed our goal,” she said. “We made $750 extra for our Google Stretch Goal to buy targeted ads on Google. We couldn’t have done it without all of you!”

By the time this column is posted, there will be one more date in Colorado for the film premier series. It will be shown on Tuesday, Sept, 9th, 7 P.M. at Bas Bleu Theatre in Fort Collins, CO. (For information about the movie check out her website.

Georgie Jessup


Rannells as Hedwig

Rannells as Hedwig

Georgie Jessup will be at Edith May’s Paradise (7711 Apple Ave., Jessup, MD 410-799-3755) on Saturday, Sept. 13th. Georgie and The Philosopher Dogs Band will be opening for the internationally acclaimed bluegrass artist Akira, who will be backed by the band Node 18. Follow Edith May’s Paradise on Facebook.

Kinky Boots

The Cyndi Lauper/Harvey Fierstein written musical Kinky Boots will be touring soon. For full information on the touring cast members and show dates, please go to Broadway World.


The media team for Hedwig And The Angry Inch musical has published a new image of Andrew Rannells, who has taken over the lead role from Neil Patrick Harris.


mraz_yesYes by Jason Mraz

Yes is the fifth studio album from singer/songwriter Jason Mraz. What’s unique about this particular project is that Mraz uses the talents of the all female band Raining Jane as his studio players. He’s been writing with the ladies of this band since 2007, so it seemed like a natural progression to take them into the studio with him.

Raining Jane is comprised of Mona Tavokol, Becky Gebhardt, Chaska Potter, and Mai Bloomfield. Each of these ladies is a multi-instrumentalist, so you’ll have to consult the album insert to know who plays what.

Quite honestly, I wasn’t familiar with any of Jason Mraz’s work prior to this. While the album is of course heavy on the singer/songwriter laid back style, it does have it’s more up-tempo, and even somewhat country moments.

Yes also offers several of what I call summer time feel good tunes. Granted, you say something like that and The Beach Boys is what most people think of. While Mraz doesn’t do surf music, he does project a very positive, even uplifting frame of mind with Hello, You Beautiful Thing and 3 Things.


The aforementioned country influence is found on Out Of My Hands, which is one of the better production moments on the album.

The one tune that really caught my attention is Back To The Earth. It fits into the “country” category, but could very easily end up being an environmental anthem, especially with lines like “my home is where my food is grown.” It’s also another of the project’s better production moments.

While we usually feature dance/techno material here, Yes by Jason Mraz is the kind of album that’s a good, thought provoking break we all need from time to time. To call the album laid back would be correct, but would be inaccurate considering the incredible harmonies and musicianship provided by the ladies of Raining Jane. Produced by Mike Mogis and Jason Mraz.

hideawayHideaway by Kiesza

Kiesza is a Canadian singer who has just released her debut EP, which contains the hit Hideaway, along with three other tunes. She has an incredible vocal range and while two of the songs are definitely club/dance material — the aforementioned Hideaway and Giant In My Heart –– she also gets the chance to show her vocal chops on the other two.

Although she is aiming towards the club market, she’s not afraid to go old school when warranted. Giant In My Heart has a great Hammond organ part, which is also found on So Deep, which is definitely more R&B influenced.


Her best vocal on the EP is found in her cover of What Is Love. It’s piano dominated with some string backing. Her range is great since this is the one song where she really gets to stretch. It’s the EP’s outstanding track. With her range, song writing and ability to pick great tunes, Kiesza is going to make a major dent in a very crowded field.

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