| Oct 21, 2019
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Pabllo Vittar is a drag queen pop star in Brazil but she is making waves world wide. The 24-year-old has gotten half a billion Spotify streams and a billion YouTube views for her pop songs that are heavily influenced by Brazilian rhythms. Vittar is more than just a pop music sensation. She is also an activist who uses her fame to let the world know about the situation in Brazil where they have seen a 30% rise in the violent deaths of LGBT people. Vittar is another voice calling for equal rights for transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual citizens of her country and beyond. Learn more about her from Time via Yahoo News. It’s interesting to note that she uses no figure enhancement in the chest region but still projects a feminine body image. See for yourself in this video.

Daphne Dorman, a trans activist and aspiring comic met Dave Chappelle while he was working on new material in a San Francisco club. The two ended up having a long talk at the bar and when Chappelle recorded his latest comedy special he talked about her a lot. Shortly after the release of the special Dorman committed suicide. While it may or may not have been the joke he made at Dorman’s expense it must have been something about the things he said that made her do what she did. Get more info from the Pop Culture website.

Courtney Act attended the premiere in London of the new Disney flick Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. She almost upstaged the film’s star, Angelina Jolie, with the fabulous outfit she wore oh so well. Get the story from The Daily Mail.

The pop singer Kim Petras made headlines when she had gender confirmation surgery at the age of 16. Now she is a 27-year-old woman with a beautiful voice and is making a name for herself in the music industry. She wants her name to not be identified by people as a “transgender artist.” She wants to be appreciated as just another talented recording artist. Petras was born in Germany and lived in the city of Cologne until a recent move to Los Angelas. She has a number of hits and while she wants to not be famous for being the “transgender singer” she uses her fame to champion the rights of transgender people. Learn more about Kim Petras from the St. Louis Post Dispatch and her entry on Wikipedia.

Gigi with one of her products.

Transgender social media influencer Gigi Gorgeous, a recent Family Equality Award winner, has launched a “genderless” makeup line. She intends that the products will be used by people of any gender identity from cis male to nonbinary. The Gigi makeup line will be sold online by Ispy and comes in a kit which includes 14 items from makeup brushes to blushes and bronzers. Learn more about the new line of makeup for everyone from the Daily Mail.

Ian Harvie

Ian Harvie is a trans man comic who is best known as the character Dale on Transparent. After taking a comedy workshop in 2002 Harvie was hooked on doing comedy. When he first took to the stage it was as a queer woman. Around 2004 he began telling his audience’s that he was trans. He moved to Los Angeles in 2006 and while planning his physical transition he was noticed by comic Margaret Cho. She likes Harvie’s material and he ended up as her opening for five years. While he was touring with Cho he began testosterone treatments and as he put it “went through my transition onstage.” Learn more about Ian Harvie from The Bay Area Reporter.

Jessie Totah

A former Disney child star came out as a trans woman in 2018. Josie Totah played boys on the Disney show Jessie. and also on Glee, and a short-lived NBC show called Champions. All the while she knew that she was a girl playing boy roles. Now she has transitioned and is actively seeking female roles. She has a part in a pilot for an Amazon streaming show and is auctioning for other feminine roles. She was recently honored by Time as one of their Groundbreakers for International Day of the Girl. Get more info from the Time website.

The Disney remake machine is going to produce a live action version of the classic animated film Cinderella. We could say something shady here about how they seem to depend on recycling to release new product but that’s not the big story. What is? Billy Porter of Pose and Kinky Boots fame has signed on to play the Fairy Godmother. To keep the movie fresh it will be updated to modern times and has added a Latin twist. For more about the film check out the article in People.

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