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Transman Hosts Ghost Hunting Show on Amazon

| Apr 30, 2018
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Sherman, Tx: Friday, April 27 – May 27, Jake and Rave Productions, LLC, will be releasing the concept episode for Spirit Quest, a transgender owned and starred paranormal investigation show on Amazon for one month. The show follows Braxton Roane, a transgender man, as he travels the United States, with each episode exploring different historical sites while attempting to verify written and oral historical accounts through paranormal investigation techniques.

Spirit Quest differs from other paranormal investigation shows in that they are not simply trying to antagonize a response to prove “if something is in there.” Instead Braxton and his team are trying to find out “who is there,” try to assist them in communicating their story while exploring various investigatory tools and techniques, and then verifying their story by comparing it to historical accounts. Additionally, because Braxton and Jake and Rave Productions have retained creative controls, there is no pressure from investors to “make sure something happens.”

Whether you are a paranormal enthusiast, history buff, or just like seeing new, unexplored places, this show is geared to be a hit.

About Braxton Roane: Braxton Roane is the founder and lead investigator of FEAR Paranormal Society in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida. He is co-host alongside his wife, April Roane on ‘Infinite Spirit Radio’ on DTM Wicked Radio. Roane is also a horror model with and has worked with many well known photographers in the industry. He is a north Texas native and now lives in the Jacksonville, FL area.

Here is a clip from the show.

About Jake and Rave Productions, LLC: Jake and Rave Productions, LLC is a north Texas — southern Oklahoma based film and video production company founded in 2015 that focuses on original film and television productions.

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