Transgender Poker Players

| Nov 5, 2013
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In case you are not yet familiar with Rosa Lee Klaneski and her activity in the world of poker, this might be a good time to learn that there are quite a lot of transgender women who choose to play in larger or smaller poker tournaments around the world. And she counts among them, having her license and passport enlist her as a woman, hence being able to attend women's poker events. This has provoked quite a rumor during the World Series of Poker event organized for women players. Not familiar with it? Keep reading!

Wicked Chops Poker Site Reports

Unfortunately and as expected, the Wicked Chops Poker site included a picture of Rosa Lee in a July 1 post about men who were allowed to play in the WSOP event for ladies. Plus, a Twitter user alerted the same Wicked Chops Poker site about the “problem”, and WCP even provided the respective user with a response using the same social media platform, thanking them for the tip. However, they did not take any measures at that time, and there were no later edits or mentioned on the topic on the official WCP site. Nevertheless, one day later, an affiliate of Wicked Chops Poker decided to take the same Rosa Lee picture and display it in their"Cap-tion This" contest. The picture was tagged under the "eyebrow-raise-inducing" label and, needless to say, the contest started out a small scandal on Twitter. Many active members of the international poker community who were quick to state they disapprove of those posts and the opinions expressed in them.

The extraordinary support received by Rosa Lee on behalf of the main actors on the world poker scene was not left without good results. Namely, Rise Poker decided to removed Rosa Lee's photo from their contest, claiming that the photo was used in order to trigger “humorous responses” in regards to “pearl necklaces and cleavage”, but not to mock at transgendered people. They also decided to change the respective photo in order to avoid this issue with other transgender people.

Hatred And Misconceptions Toward The GLBT Community

There are definitely so many other women in poker who, just like Rosa Lee, underwent gender surgery and are now attending women;s events in the fascinating world of poker. They are not be be regarded with any less consideration or respect than players who were born women and who attend these tournaments also. You can check out an interesting piece on some of the most successful women poker players in the world on the Poker Ladbrokes site. It is however extremely disheartening to see sites that still include transgendered women in the category of dbag men who play in ladies' events. And the same can be said about the people who chose to make a mockery of Rosa Lee. Hopefully, things are going to start to change slowly, but surely, and we will no longer witness such dramatic episodes of hate and disrespect that can severely harm the persons involved.

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