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| May 15, 2007
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It’s been a busy week in the world, and it can be hard to keep up. Unless you’re dialing into TGForum News! We’ve got a major magazine selling our stories to the American reading public! We’ve got not one, but two crownings! The fired Florida city manager is not sitting at home, moping and eating Cheetos! And a murder. Getcher details inside!

And please remember: all stories open in new windows!

Newsweek has what it means to be male, female, both, neither and somewhere in between in their May 21st issue. Get the preview here. Or read their interview with a NASCAR driver here. Meet the city council candidate who happens to be “out”. Catch up with the sportswriter for the LA Times. Do you know about the VP at a major insurance company? View their photo gallery. (Or better yet, run out and buy the issue to encourage them to run more articles on gender!) Way to go, Newsweek!


Remember the high school student in Texas who won the right of open gender expression? Well, in Fresno, California, a TG teen won the title of prom queen. KFSN TV has more. (Get a slightly different take from Portland, Oregon’s WCSH.)


Another crowning in Thailand: The Thais have selected the most beautiful transsexual. ABCNewsOnline has the story, as does the Khaleej Times.


I apparently need to get a subscription to TVGuide. I completely missed Alexis Arquette’s Transgender Summit on E! last week. This makes how many TG-themed programs that have slipped by me in the last month? (Maybe I’m ignoring them on purpose as none of them have featured yours truly.)


Call it a coming out party if you will, but Susan Stanton is here, and she’s not going away. According to WTSP in Tampa Bay, the lovely Ms. Stanton is spending part of this week in Washington, to lobby on behalf of the rest of us. (And if you want to know a bit more about how and why Stanton lost her job as Largo City Manager, the Advocate has some interesting tidbits.)


The new president of the San Francisco Police Commission is “one of us”. Scripps News has details.


Transgendered people in Idaho? Believe it or not, we’re there. And we get a bathroom too. Oregon Live sorts it out.


Ahead of the curve? KGO reports Berkeley City Council may add SRS to the list of things covered by the city’s health plan.


And just so you don’t think everything is rosy, there’s this story about the murder of a transgendered prostitute in California. It’s so not-out-of-the-ordinary, we have to turn to KUTV in Utah to get the details.

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  1. besweet besweet says:

    Ronnie, the stories you are presently passing along give us all great encouragement. Still we need to be made aware of the all-too-frequent cases of injustice that we face. I trust you to sort those out and offer us stories that may be good wake up calls. I vote for more happy along with selected doses of reality. Thank you, LYNDA

  2. ronnierho ronnierho says:

    Tell me something, folks…
    Do you want more crime/death stories in the news? Because there are plenty out there, and I could spend a lot more time running them down, if that’s what you want to read about.