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    Hi all, new member here just introducing myself. Little bit nervous at the moment, but hey, I know we all have similar feelings.


    Hi Starbound, I’m Enseda. πŸ™‚ (I love your username, btw–are you more interested along the lines of astronomy or astrology?) Just kind of testing the waters? If I may–just as a pace-setter or reference-point–how far along are you in transition? (A lot of my possible topics of conversation will be more applicable based on that info.) And I guess since turn-about is fair play, πŸ˜‰ as for myself, I’m mtf, 10 months on hrt, adore wardrobe & cosmetics, Glamnetic: So Classy (or Rogue, for special occasions) press-ions, Cherry Blossom: Moon lashes, nearly fluent in voice, starting electrolysis preparatory to bilateral orchiectomy, & just adoring the fun of the adventure! πŸ˜€ Otherwise, I enjoy D&D, sci fi/fantasy writing & movies, RPG video games like Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, & Mass Effect, I’ve got a bit of a blog on Medium ( ), spirituality more than religion, & I just love the outdoors (I live very near the mountains; right now I’m just waiting for the spring thaw to open more of the hidden paradises). πŸ™‚ How about you? Where are you coming from (interests, transition, etc)?


    “Hi! I’m Roberta and I’m new here. Even though I’m pretty well inside my closet (I’m attracted to women), I love wearing women’s clothes and feeling like a woman myself. I’m trying to embrace this side of me as much as possible. I don’t personally know any crossdresser or trans women in my life, but it’s so good to read all your posts and see that many of you share the same feelings.
    It’s lovely to meet you girls! x”

    Hi, Roberta, fantastic to meet you! I’m Enseda, & I’ve just gotta tell you, Girl–I am soooo glad you’re poking your head out of the closet. There is such an amazing world all around just waiting for you to discover! πŸ˜€ You might be thinking you’ve already explored it, been there, seen it, done it, etc, but–depending on just how far outside of the closet you’ve ventured–it’s a whole new adventure as another gender! 9 out of 10 people identify me accurately in public, & it’s just so fun & exciting to see how differently people treat you! Depending on the extent of your gender dysphoria, I hear you–it can take some time to embrace the new you. But the more you explore & try it out, it can be a lot of fun, with plenty of discoveries! Like take makeup, for example. I had a clear vision of who I am since around age 12, but I didn’t actually break out of society’s chrysalis for decades later. So it took some time, a bit of study, plenty of trial & error, but now the work is fun, & I like to tease colors & contrasts to exaggerate moods that definitely get conversations started! Haha! Other ladies hate makeup & find it tedious. Whatever. You’ll figure out what works for you–as soon as you can start denying your denials or bowing to social pressures. (I have caught quite the sh#tstorm from those nearest & dearest, true, but I’ve also made a lot of new friends as well, so I guess everything balances out.) Of course, my gender dysphoria & vision of the true me are both strong enough that I don’t really care who says what right now; the results have proven *so* very worth the price to pay! πŸ˜€

    I’d love to hear more about you–some of your interests, maybe?


    “Hello! I just found this site. I’m Samantha and I’m a 20 year old transwoman. I consider myself pansexual as I never shook my love of girls but my life and tastes changed (or I guess I just became aware of them) after participating in my first womanless pageant in the seventh grade. Not sure what else to say about myself”

    Hi, Samantha, I hope life’s going fantabulously for ya! πŸ˜€ Oh, jealous! (About getting to manifest your true self at 20.) Were your parents or family supportive? Mine were very against my even mentioning it, so I had to wait. But your soul knows what it knows, doesn’t it? When it’s time to bloom, you just do what needs done, eh? I even married & had two kids, but that didn’t “cure me” like my family hoped. When it was time, I just knew it was time. My kids don’t mind, either–they say I’m a lot nicer & willing to listen. (My sweetheart couldn’t stand it, though, so she split. I’m asexual now; no more of those emotional roller coasters with estrogen as my dominant sexual hormone–that can really mess with you.)

    I’d love to hear more about your interests. I really enjoy creativity, like art & storywriting ( I’ve got a Medium blog going on ), RPG video games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, & The Elder Scrolls, & hiking in the outdoors (I live right by the mountains, so once the snow melts & the mud dries a bit, I can’t wait to go explore the forests & waterfalls!), & I’m a big Dungeons & Dragons fan! Woot, woot! lol

    Tag–you’re it! What are some of your interests?


    “J.K Rowling was right guys. There are 2 genders, and you cant choose. As simple as that, stop hating on her for telling the truth, it is stupid.”

    Hi, Jens_Larsen, I have two questions for you:

    1) what if society agrees with you and rejects you as your birth gender? Do you throw in the towel & just exist as a loser wishing for a life that never was until you die? (I mean, you don’t want to be male & they don’t want you as a male, so…how would choosing your dream be “stupid”?)

    2) why come on this of all possible Internet pages if you’re trying to blow out the candles that are some people’s lifelong dreams? (I’ve got to believe you have many better things to do with your time, unless you’re a contemptible @$$hole who simply likes to wander around picking fights–but I’m willing to bet you’re not one of those, because your tone is civil & your diction is intelligent.) <3


    “I’m also new, based in Maryland but get up to PA often. Been closeted for a long time now, but really don’t have anyone I know in the community to help me get out and accept myself, and get to events and have that confidence. I know I’m close but if any gals or understanding guys would be willing to reach out I’d appreciate it. xoxoxo ? <3”

    Hi, Katrina! I hope you’re day’s been going great!:) I’ve only been that far East once in my life, but–oh!–are the forests out there gorgeous!!! Talk about a great birthplace for beautiful things (and people)! πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, I hear you about getting out & meeting people. It took me a couple of months to get “the look” down (I’d been sculpting that since age 12), but getting my voice consistent with my bod was a whole other story! lol *cue squawking bird sounds* Now I feel just fine in public–but like you say, it takes some figuring out to work with a lot of people’s expectations. (And, oh, is it so worth the efforts! Yeow! Haha! πŸ˜€ )

    It sounds like you’d like some outreach? Anything in particular, or just friends in general?


    “Hi I am Laura and I am new here. After going through several years of purging myself and my feminine clothes I finally admitted to myself I am transgender and accepted it. I started going to a LBGTQ doctor ???? and a LBGTQ therapist who specialized in transgender ????? people this summer and started HRT. I do not regret the decision. Thank you and I hope to get to talk to others on this forum.”

    Hi, Laura, I’m Enseda! A happy evening to you! πŸ˜€ Just to be sure I’m interpreting this right (I’ve made a donkey of myself once or twice misreading leads, lol)–by purging your feminine clothes, I take it you’re ftm? How’s that working for you? I was just talking with a friend, Sphiros, who was telling me about his journey down that wild jungle path! Haha! πŸ˜€ I hope yours is treating you well? I’m mtf myself, & just like you say–I don’t regret the decision for a second. I mean, if life isn’t about making our dreams come true, then what better deal is there, eh?

    On the topic of getting to know others on the forum, I’ve got a blog on Medium, , and love creativity, arts, personal expressions like dance, singing, music, poetry–you name it, creative writing (sci fi & fantasy, esp.), video games (RPG, like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, & The Elder Scrolls), & exploring the outdoors. How about yourself?


    Haiii πŸ™‚ I just signed up.


    Thanks for the open, honest reply Enfustian.
    Very perceptive, I do astrophotography and love looking into the unknown.
    I am very much 100% male, no transition. I am heterosexual, and am not attracted to men in any way.
    Why am I here? That is a question that would require a few pages of words to answer, however, suffice to say that I am here in an open, honest capacity, and do find some tg’s, ts’s, etc, quite attractive. I also very much enjoy the pleasure of being dressed up in female attire.
    Unfortunately, my sex drive is at the top of the scale, which has it’s downside, and I’m sure some know what I mean by that.
    Apart from the above I also live near mountains, am fascinated by megalithic structures and pre-civilizations, enjoy remote locations and try my best to enjoy life.
    So without making this an essay, I will leave it for this at the moment, but I very much enjoyed reading your response to me, thank you.
    P.S. how does one reply to a post? Or have I done it correctly?


    Haha! Oh, you must be following the James Webb Telescope updates like a magnet, eh, Starbound? To think we finally live in an age when we can take photos of planets around other stars! Have you been tracking the Hubble-series telescopes, as well (Spitzer, Chandra, Compton)? (Or Kepler?) Do tell–what are your thoughts on the Drake Equation?

    Sexually, I too am heterosexual in thought, but asexual in relations. (17 years of marriage provided valuable life experience I’ll cherish forever, but also cured me of any interest in pursuing another intimate relationship.) I like your description that strikes me as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

    Female attire is the best! I’m continually bedazzled by the sheer number of options, the extra-ordinary options available, the comfort often offered, as well as the accommodating fits included in many designs. Do tell–what are your preferences when it comes to attire? Personally, I’m a huge fan of stretch pants, mock-collar, ribbed t-shirts, wide stretch-belts with decorative buckles, & jewelry sets for casual wear (earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring), or semi-formal blouse or blazer over a contrasting mock-collared t-shirt with skirt & high-deniered tights for more formal social engagements, with heeled knee-high boots if it’s not too hot outside. Call me extravagant, but I’m also a huge fan of thick, long curls–definitely not trending now, true, but they sure suit me fine! lol How about yourself?

    The “sexual drive” you mention is a mystery that’s always eluded me. The baggage provided at birth never functioned properly (well, I guess it did twice–for my kids (lol)), so you’re goin to have to enjoy that one for both of us! :’D

    It sounds like you’ve got a real adventurous spirit! Venturing into the unknown, to seek out the secrets of the scattered “remote locations”! Haha! Sounds like a modern-day Indiana Jones–or Lara Croft, I suppose? (Depending on your preference…) As an astrophotographer, I can only guess you have some incredible shots of the wonders you’ve seen? Do you have like a blog or photo gallery somewhere I could check out?

    At least you enjoy life! Why waste a moment, right? Are you more of an explorer or a socialite? (I guess another way of asking that is, Do you find yourself more often a “lone wolf,” a small-group seeker, or a large-group life-of-the-party? When you do venture out, do you prefer male attire in gender & prefer female attire for special occasions?

    Are you not a fan of essays? lol As a Language Arts teacher, they’ve become something of second-nature to me, so sorry if I come across as a jabber-jaw! :’D

    Other than that, it looks to me like you’ve got the Reply to Post down pat, with style & grace… Yeow! lol πŸ˜€

    Have a fantastic day! Love to hear from you again!


    Hi, Maya! A happy day to you! I’m Enseda πŸ™‚

    When you say, “Just signed up”, do you mean, into the exotic safari of transgender life? Or just this forum? πŸ˜€

    If you are still “in transition,” do tell–how far along the discovery phase of your Journey are you? (That’ll let me know a lot of different topics to bring up more appropriate to your situation. πŸ™‚ )
    For example, I’m mtf 10 mo hrt, greatly enjoy wardrobe, accessories, & cosmetics, just starting electrolysis preparatory for bilateral orchectomy, just finishing voice, & loving every minute of life as I always dreamed it but was far too long denied it.

    Otherwise, so far as general questions, what are some of your interests or life details? I’m a widow, single mom, two kids I just adore, and for fun I greatly enjoy creative writing (sci fi/fantasy–you know, exploring the vast wonders of “what might be”), same with movies, RPG video games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, & The Elder Scrolls, I’ve been developing a blog on Medium , I enjoy spirituality more than religiosity, Language Arts teacher by trade, & whenever the weather permits, I love exploring the forested mountains by my home.

    How about you?


    Hubble is my favourite. This was the first main player and has given us some fantastic images.
    Drake equation? It goes without question that we are not alone in this vast universe, and one day it will be proven to all.
    I have taken many photos, 100’s of hours worth. My set up is all remote controlled so I can go into my cave and admire the beauty on the screen. It takes far longer than is assumed to get 1 decent image from stacking maybe 100’of separate photos and then manipulating in a package such as photos hop…but it is all worth it, IMO.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is true. One man’s gold is another’s trash. We are all unique with similar thoughts, well 99.9% that is, as there will always be the undesirables.

    Female attire? Where does one start. Women have a plethora of choices, and most are TBH, very nice indeed.
    I have never had a choice of what to wear in the female range. My ownership would be only lingerie, but put a woman in stockings, heels, pencil skirt and blouse….and my mouth is dripping….haha. Put me in all that and I’d be totally under the spell of whoever dressed me.
    I have TBH, just looking at female clothing gets me going, it’s like my ” member” has a mind all of its own, and simply controls me…..I wish there was a pill to stop it, but there’s only pills to “raise” it.

    I am in an astrophotography forum, but only frequent it rarely. I did start an astrophotography group on Facebook, but it is only new with very few members.

    I’m at ease in all situations, whether lone or in a group, I try to enjoy whatever, or wherever, I happen to be. I prefer female company over men, unless I happen to be doing something that is usually a male “thing”……and don’t ask me, “such as what?”…haha. I do not venture out in female attire, my dressing up is completely private. I would never be able to look anything like a woman, I am too male looking. A typical male physique, definite male face, take care of my body, and too muscly. Nope, my fun time is entirely at home.

    You seem to be a fan of “communication”. It is a rare commodity these days to find someone that can string a sentence…legibly, let alone have a full blown conversation. I love chatting, meeting new people, and talking about literally anything.
    A pleasure to make your acquaintance.


    Oh, busted! lol Well, thank you very much for the compliment about communications–and right back at you! πŸ˜€ As a Language Arts teacher I definitely have a thang for articulating intelligent sentences. The degradation of contemporary written communication in our contemporary Information Age is inexcusable, imo–but I won’t be a grammar-Nazi about it unless people invite advice, either. lol

    I just keep reminding myself: “It’s just a rough draft, it’s just a rough-draft, thought-experiments out loud, not the final essay or a public presentation…” Even though I suppose it is a public presentation when shared on the Internet, & as such reflects our contemporary social expectations in a most unfavorable light… *sigh* I mean, *how* you communicate shares so much more about you than what you actually say that I do actually wish we’d hold each other at least a little more accountable as intelligent, caring, civilized & respectable people. Reminds me of Peter Shilling’s song from once-upon-a-time, “Zone 804″…

    Because we most certainly are not alone as an intelligent species in the galaxy, sooner or later someone will happen across us, & what will their first impression/s be? Chaos? Scorn? Unworthy? “An amazing planet, really–too bad they left such a squandering, covetous species in charge…”? Did you ever watch Jodie Foster & Matthew McConaughey in the movie *Contact*? I can definitely see a scenario similar to that playing out.

    Do you remember the unveiling of the now-legendary “Hubble Deep-Field”? Where they found the apparently darkest patch of outer space, zoomed in, & snapped shots with countless *galaxies*, let alone stars??? Did that ever spark the fires of curiosity in my imagination! Ha! Coupled with Spitzer’s IR filter to show just how much of our view–esp. of our galactic core–is blocked by the sheer volume of non-illuminated matter between us & the core or us & other stars was just so compelling to want to “part the veil” & view the hidden mysteries deeper in! Add to that Chandra’s x-ray-range details, & a lot of those hidden mysteries were at least acknowledged, even if not clearly viewed.

    Similarly, do you remember when Kepler tore into the exoplanetary “hunt” rather than just “survey”? I was just on the edge of my seat as I learned about light-absorption for the various elements, & came to understand that we could finally tell a lot about exoplanetary material composition just from scanning candidates with a spectrometer. “What’s this? You mean we can just snap a picture of a planet *that* many light years away & discern if it has an abundance of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, et al, in its atmosphere (or even little or no atmosphere if the results pulled up rocky rather than gaseous elements)???” Haha!

    Oh, I just love living in a day when we not only theorize whether or not life exists elsewhere in the galaxy, but we have the means to tell which planets are indeed Earth-like worlds capable of supporting life similar to our planet! With all the vast diversity of ecologies that flourish & have flourished or ages across Earth’s history, forget hope–what *promise* of answering the long wondered about question about life being possible anywhere else!

    Tell me, Starbound (I love your name even more now that I understand its significance)–did you ever watch that movie *Singularity* with John Cusack? What are your thoughts–with all of your research, especially–about, say, Gliese 581d as a promising Earthlike candidate? Or any others that have caught your eye as you’ve pursued your passion with the stars?


    Hello,I am Tricia and I am a pre op transsexual.I knew when I was something not right with me at age 4 or 5.Age 13,knew inside I was transgender finally.Tried to fit in as one of the boys and never worked.I remember times trying on my mom’s dresses when my parents were gone and that is knew I was a girl from the inside.It was in January of 2000 at the age of 21 that I finally did come out.It was not easy at all.My parents,it took them a month coming to terms I was transgender.Decided to transition and that is when my parents decided to support me.Transitioned for 2 years deciding not to have the GRS.Knee I was happy finally and there would be regrets if I ever had the GRS afterwords.Did have the breast augmentation and trachea shave at age 22.I have a great husband that loves me for who I am,knows it my body and choices he cannot make for me.He has always liked pre op transsexual women and sees me as a woman.


    There doesn’t seem to be much happening on this forum.
    New people join, make a post…..and then that’s it.
    Another point I notice is that replies to posts are mixed in with replies to others posts. I think the forum needs a rethink on its setup.
    We should be able to create our own heading in sub forums, and replies will then be specific to that subject.
    No one wants to read through every reply to every person.
    Maybe you see it different? Your thoughts?

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