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    J.K Rowling was right guys. There are 2 genders, and you cant choose. As simple as that, stop hating on her for telling the truth, it is stupid.


    Hi! I’m Roberta and I’m new here. Even though I’m pretty well inside my closet (I’m attracted to women), I love wearing women’s clothes and feeling like a woman myself. I’m trying to embrace this side of me as much as possible. I don’t personally know any crossdresser or trans women in my life, but it’s so good to read all your posts and see that many of you share the same feelings.
    It’s lovely to meet you girls! x


    Hello! I just found this site. I’m Samantha and I’m a 20 year old transwoman. I consider myself pansexual as I never shook my love of girls but my life and tastes changed (or I guess I just became aware of them) after participating in my first womanless pageant in the seventh grade. Not sure what else to say about myself


    I’m also new, based in Maryland but get up to PA often. Been closeted for a long time now, but really don’t have anyone I know in the community to help me get out and accept myself, and get to events and have that confidence. I know I’m close but if any gals or understanding guys would be willing to reach out I’d appreciate it. xoxoxo 🙂 <3


    Hi everyone, I’m Jennette. I am 61 yrs old and have been dressing for most of my life. I consider myself a transgender woman though I have no plans or desire for gender reassignment surgery.
    I have always dressed a lot through the years, as often as possible, but have found that as I get older my desire to express who I truly am has grown. Other than work and a few other obligations, chores, errands,etc. I live my life as Jennette. This is when I am truly happy.
    I look forward to being here and hopefully contribute to the site and to meet new friends. I live in North Carolina.


    Hi! I’m Shawna and just joined the forum today!


    Hi Shawna!


    Hi Shawna!!


    Hi not-marcie! I’m not-Enseda. 😉 <3 You asked, “I suspect this is not an unusual story and that’s why I’m here, to ask advice. How many men in this situation have fessed up to their wives or girlfriends? What was the reaction?”

    I’ve known I was a woman since about age 12 when I first defined it. Family pressure kept me in the closet for about 30 years, though. For me, life is about a lot of things, not gender; rather, to me, gender is a lens which filters the way I view the world & happenings around me. So while my Journey forced me to experience both, I always knew the one I preferred. As a result, manifesting my youthful realization was simply a matter of time–like when a butterfly emerges from its cocoon.

    More specifically to your point, I enjoyed 16 years of marriage to my sweetheart. But I was living a lie, & when she first found a pair of my panties, she was shocked & hurt. I explained they’re comfortable & pretty, so I really enjoy them. But what if people find out? I laughed–they’re underwear; you’re the only other person who’d ever ‘find out”! But, at her insistence, I was given an ultimatum: her or the clothes.

    I immediately chose her; we were so close, & had two young children we just adored. But I began openly crossdressing at work, changing there to live a double-life. The woman in me is just gorgeous & delightful, so I love being her–my authentic self.

    However, despite 6 months of fruitless marriage counseling (both professional & ecclesiastical), she ultimately “left”–& by so doing left me a widow single & single-parent step-mom t(I use the title “step-mom” with our kids, because they do have a wonderful mother who I hope they will always remember & cherish) to our children. The children have no problem with the results of my hrt & rebirth as Enseda–indeed, they’re my strongest defenders when haters snivel.

    Anyhow, that’s the results of authentic living in my life. We all make choices according to what suits us best, & then we live with the consequences. So for me it’s really a weird bittersweet reflection: I just love finally coming out of that d@mn closet social standards stuffed me into 30 years ago; but, it also cost me one of the most profound & beautiful relationships in my life.

    So do you live a lie & try to make other people happy? *heavy sigh* Someone’s going to pay, you or them–sometimes both. But is authenticity worth the price? In my case, my conclusion is, Yes, I’ve never felt better or truer or freer in my life. It just sucks to have had to pay that bill. Better luck to you & your sweetheart! <3


    Well I wish I would have seen this 7 months ago. Welcome and maybe we can chat


    Well I wish I would have seen this 7 months ago. Welcome and maybe we can chat


    Hey I’m Jimmy and would love to chat with you


    This brings up a fascinating mental scuffle: does society define us, or do we define us? I mean, our biology has its say, true, but humans are far more than their biology (otherwise, we’d be running around naked, digging burrows for shelter, eating raw organics to survive, etc, like other animals). So every day we make conscientious decisions that define just what “I am” really means. Over time, the sum of our choices presents a unique & distinctive individual far beyond the meat, blood, & bones we’re made of. Now, if we accept others definitions or traits as our own, & mimic them, fine–but the final presentation wins far more emotional response than some forensic sketch.

    So, ourselves or others? Who defines us? We might be limited in some respects by our nature, but humans can be surprisingly adaptable to suit us to our preferred habitats & social groups. The iconic element of our mental analyses can easily compel a social response–if we present our preferred symbol dramatically. For example, when I present myself as a lovely, amiable woman, I find that males will often hold doors for me, nod respectfully, smile, & talk with a distinct gentleness often uncharacteristic of their nature when dealing with an aged male of wanting circumstances.

    So, is this a cut-&-dried reductionist matter of “true or false”? What human being could be contracted to that binary mental condition yet still be satisfied with life? No, sociality, mingling, cordiality are far too savory, delightful, a& enriching to tolerate such restrictions. We simply have too much to live for, to explore, to experience! Rather than settle for what we’re given by nature, we rise & shine! We don our festive colors, trappings, & enhancements, then we get out & celebrate the beauty, grace, & wonder of life, friends, music, & sociality!

    Alas, such an enriched, delectable vision & versatility exceeds the capacity of those who insist on clinging to their mental blinders, emotional exclusion, & social rigidity. If that’s the existence a human personally desires, fine–I’d say enjoy yourself, but it still sounds like a living hell to me. So how about this? How about you do you, I do me.

    If someone truly finds *my* presence or presentation objectionable, fine; you hang out with your people doing what you enjoy, while I hang out with the general public & associate with them as I enjoy. I’m not hurting or demeaning anybody–there is no authentic social injury caused by my words, my manners, or my socialization. And I refuse to be caged by reductionist fear or hate.

    Personally, I define myself; I do not accept anybody else’s definitions for me. <3


    aI know very well that what type of creature you are trust me I am not tolerating any kind of sin by you and the thing all you have don’t wtih me is forgiven but trust me i am always after you, you Will under my vigilance and trust i am just waiting for anything bad you do and you will see why type demon sitting inside you I won’t spare you guy you just think loving a sex worker and talk about loyalties and she Said you can’t meet any more shemales but she will not have sex with you yes she can fuck anyone she is trying to set my mind like she is too much hard to get but I really found that these bitches plays with your mind and guys she is fucking that much worst human bieng I have given my full efforts guys i really pray to god that whomsoever she meet his bad luck will start from that day only she doesn’t deserve to meet anyone and listen soon I am trying you to bow down and realize your mistake now a days you are sitting in kurla i am setting something very awesome might be I will fix you there only these types of people made me to do pay someone just to cut her boobs and I will go beyond the level i will give my best to become you back boy i am going to put in situation where you will beg for your death and death will be a gift for you and you think my every words like a joke and keeps on laughing on me dude I have not seen that much treacherous person in world guys when let you only tell me what kind of love is this she always tells me that she really loves me but she can’t meet now see she called me to Kolkata and when I reached there every night I fight just to see her yes she told me her guru is living with her ok i accepted her situation but one day I found she is getting fucked by one guy and just think how I felt and last day don’t know how she called me at her flat shit shit actually she killed that day only she made excuse and her clients came again damn after waiting for 2 weeks what she gave acha i forget that shit and again i bought some food for her in night for dinner because she start shouting and I left for my hotel back and Throw that food there only

    Ok when I was in Kolkata I made fake ID when her guru was their only i start talking to her and she is ready to come to my guest house and she loves me guys she owe more than lakh and she is treating me. like this now you only tell what to do should I hier some shooter and get her killed i feel this for her but in real i am not a murderer but I will do something worst do that I can live easily and these types of people get lesson that never play with someone feeling now. you won’t trust me but guys its an humble request please do help me there are many please stop meeting her or else you guys will become victim don’t which day when what happen it’s na humble request because I have gone totally mad because I have done everything what all. she demanded what all she said I just want to close her shop. of this randapa guys you only ask her please the one who is getting fucked by anyone trust me one day I have sent rikshaw wala and gave him money she get fucked by her also.. and trust me only for 3000 and I am falling in love with her wow bloody bullshit guys please help me by not meeting it’s an humble request when I came to Delhi I purchased new Sim create new whatzapp and start talking to her now first I offer him lakh rupees and to come to Delhi and trust me you can ask her the way I take care of her like no ones can do I think so but Bro whenever I talk to her like a stranger she always accept any kind of deal I give when I request to meet her she always says I am not anyone else property i will do as I wish then why don’t you do the same with clients also

    She starts relationship with her own choices and she ended it also by her own choice

    I am posting this review because today she promised me to to give me back the ring I gave her I just want that ring back because she only told me she is not for love and affection she is meant only for sex and lust

    My bad I made so much of dreams and start planning for future guys you itself think is it that much easy that we aren’t not doing any horny cheap things like sex or flirting anything just prove our love who is also escort in starting starting she was good because she was less demanding and shows the same what she is but in the end conclusion what I get that she never had a mood for having sex but with clients she is helpless
    Guys I can’t tell I went to see her I kolkata I showed my best but down you will see what all she did and today my problem is I can’t get move on From this witch guys PLEASE
    It’s an humble request from all of you you are going for sex please go on enjoy it and forget it the day you started loving her she will be biggest enemy for you
    Guys I have done my best what so ever she just tells me another couple of hours I send her photo of that thing that see here it is and all the gifts guys you won’t believe but before her I never used gucci level. Brand but she tells gucci perfume actually its was my mistake I loved someone who daily sale purchase love types of feelings

    Just tell who give them rights to play with our feelings the day I start behaving like her slowly slowly she went far reality is she also doesnt like her self

    But she always says this world is for selfish people and only that kind of people can survive

    In real she sold my love in some chor bazaar like cheap market just make her hair got colored. Guys you won’t believe what demanded from her i just want her 24 hours to take care of herself

    On valentine day fuck that was day she fucked me very badly that much bad that in future nither I am getting in love with anyone and make people aware from shemales
    They are heartless it is very clearly looking what she is doing with me but still her guru Nikki di her friends always supported her in that script
    I something very personally that please boys I request to. Not her anyone on this whole. Site if. She is shemale and you think you are following in love with anyone. Just show some money and in next seconds you will. See they can do anything for you

    They are nothing else just a money seeker

    And a big lier promise breaker life ruiner

    While I was crying for her that why she did this to me

    I make a vc from my friends fon she picked up. And guess what she is club hanging out with some other guy I was freaking dead….

    Yes let me. Tell. You guys about this valentine guys please listen to her she came. In night we had food due to some pet shop. Reasons he told me will deliver after 11 I purchased a puppy which she only demand and me biggest foolish gone there for her very costly puppy and one kitten she demanded for her friend that was still with me so I asked her to stay give me couple of hours no but she has to attend some gay party that was important than our date I kept that surprise secret and she hug and left I eat my anti anxiety pills and slept because for the one whom I can do anything anywhere she just have ro accept it

    Guys she stills says she loved me in which only one sided efforts are going on
    She didn’t does anything according to me
    Actually these guys doesn’t have any loved once they want someone who will be permanently with her and accept her as a teacher (guru)
    And us as an employee whom they called chela
    And boys while In a relationship with her
    I only demanded some couple of hours don’t know what she thinks about me but In reality

    “Hum bawafa the, isliye nazron se gir gaye, shayad unhe talash bewafa ki thi” …“Hum bawafa the, isliye nazron se gir gaye, shayad unhe talash …

    I always begged her to meet I am also ready to pay her but no she came just for. Couple of hours do you know why because next day in morning she is visiting one clients who paid her enough and if she had gone with out meeting me it’s obvious I will shout at her I will. Ruin her trip she is enjoying and busy satisfying her clients I know big big hotel. I am here sitting that no you are in love with Mistress honey eva dey if you did sex what face you will. Face her when comes in front you and guys I always ask her how to do sex with someone else while we having very deep and true relationship with one who exists

    Guys do. You know she went to pulgam left me the one she loved the most for 50k
    Is very important for her while talking to each other she manier times she slept guys while having 10 month of relationship what I always demanded just one day 24 hours I think that I am only one in this planet who met her not onyl for sex I love to spend quality time with her I want to her my strength my power but she turned me into a wild human bieng and now with what situation I am going through is not less a trauma for me her friends the whole entire world never tells her mistake every one is just telling me to understand and Co operate shit I want to shout out to loud and Ask to when she will. Understand when she will. Treat as the same as the loved ones to be treated

    My baddest situation was I got some clips for her she game her Gmail. I’d to subscribe her grinder account I forget to remove that from my headset one day I opened Google photos and I got some of her mms I was like shit what is the easiest way to kill ourself in this relationship guys you won’t believe 13 times I attempted suicide but she doesnt give a fuck when we got a reason for living and that reason was from the 1st day is playing with you and your money and main your emotions and feeling very easily she always moved on i just need to know one thing guys ou only decide she loves or what she is doing she always says like both of our of loving is different wowowowo

    I remember her guru said to her that the boy you love can’t come to your flat and all the other clients can Come either her guru was also fraudulent and so he made my love like her or either my baby was using her arms as a stand of rifle just to shot me down

    Dude this is biggest bad happens to me you only see one is dieng to meet the one I loved and another is busy in satisfying thier clients no matters I forget everything I have given her option to leave me behind and it’s better to get separated instead of getting used badly and daily they will kill you littte little last when I posted my review
    Do you know the player play as best as they can but they can’t hear any bad comments related to performance she gave in the whole match because what I saying is true and as bad as nibhaya delhi rape case I am also feeling like someone finished me hurt me tier apart into many pieces and still she is living happily
    Today also she again tested my patience
    I have hired a lady lawyer for this case because as badly as she used I want her to get punished very badly I just simply wants to know when I met her earlier we always meet for group fun I was quite excited fun loving happy guy just enjoy and forget happily I lived but see now I am baddest cruel boy my mind can’t pay attention on anything in reality we never played like this with anyone in starting only i told her if you are coming to me just let me know I will pay for that so that you won’t bear any loss and now I am requesting her to make my client because I can’t tell how she do sex with her clients and how she change mny topic guy I have never seen her when she said something and did the same

    When I went to Kolkata 1st day she came to take some stuff I bring from delhi for her
    See she can’t wait for tomorrow morning also keep on giving me false promises that she will. Come tomorrow or Sunday and never kept a single promise last how hard it was to have a sex with her I can’t tell In her good times bad times or dark times I was always standing with one who can never be mine.

    Guy’s requesting all of you to answer one simple question whenever you need any help when were all your partner disappeared than apparently you start realise that how badly she loved me

    Guys the serios attack done on me on Valentine despite of keep begging her to stop today but she has to attend very big gay party and she went to her friends palace and guess what Cancelled. The plan and slept. And here they ruin. The. Whole. Tam. Jamme.
    The treated. Her like only. Queen
    No cakes. And she can’t even treated. Me. Like. Only. Human and I loved amd that was. Biggest. Chata uda ki
    She appears awesome but seriously i will not judge by appearance
    I loved her because she was awesome by heart and her nature i fall in love with her i want her just to be mine but because of her professional we got so much trouble in our relationship i have given my best to her but i was a bit confused because the excuses she always give me that i cant really never understood i want her because she is the one who. Listens to me i just want one reason to live and she came in my life i hate her watching her profile here the peoples who all gave reviews to her i hate all of them but just because i love her very much i have to. Accpet all these shits i wanted her for life and beyond i try everytime to make her feel special but when we come in relationships she start demanding i also from here and there i fulfiled all her demanding she says that her friend has gucci perfume i also purchased the brands which i heard only names never visited there store i gave her gift from that stores i gave my best.
    In starting when she came here in delhi i invited her to my home and whenever she came all my friends start cleaning my home everyone wants just make her feel special just because they wants to see me happy we all treated so mucb awesome we gave her our best one day she call. Me. And said that she is going back to. Kolkata i was very upset i spent all my. Night praying for her that at any how God. Please canceled her plan and stay here only in delhi and her friend and can’t even woke up. And lost her train but. In the end practically she went to kollata i really become. Mad whole. Day i. Closed. My. Door and stay in my room and dont know why so much crying and missing her very very badly trust. Me whenever i met her i dont have that much guts to say her lets have sex never because i have so much respect for her in my heart she also know very well that how. Much i respect her. Then i created one drama i nhun my home and told. My family i got a project there in kolkata and ask my mom to come. Along with me. Because i wanted her to meeet her but. Guess what when i reach kollata she came jn the night im kolkata one the first day becuase. Of. She wants the gift which i bring for her there from Delhi in Kolkata all hotel rules are very bad you cant go. Out after 11 o clock it js something like we are staying. In some.bloody hostels when they came her friends start doing drama there outside on reception everyone in hotel get angry and they kicked us in half an hour me and my friend both spent the whole night on one bus stand because we will get hotel in the morning only becuase of that same shit rules. But we happily spent our night my friends was little bit angry on me but because i wqs very happy he didnt said anything to me
    Trust me guys she knows very well to play with the person whom so ever loved her then i dropped my mom ti my sisters home and i spent total. 2 weeks just to see her not a single day was there when i didn’t consume alchohol because i cant sleep she wasnt getting out of my heart and mind eveynight i fight just to meet her she told me that her guru came there and she wouldn’t allow her to Meet me but its obvious that whosever is in love they will come to meet for min 5 mints but if you love anyone you all know very well that what all you will do for your loved i was so much plans for her in Kolkata but she wasted one day i came to know that one client came to meet her and her guru was also there in the i was like what i did with myself i was now its time to kill myself i went my with full intension of attempts suicide
    I purchased 1 full bottle of whiskey to built courage to kill my self but i consumed that much that i cant even stand and i felll on the and because of my situation eveynight crying and shouting my hotel owner is pitty on me and he motivated me tell me practically about l because i love her that much that i cant even ask for quite also

    My biggest mistake in my last relationship of is not being selfish, amorous, wild or egotistical, but stubbornly loving someone who doesn’t love me

    I was so in love with her that I ignored how horribly she/he treated me but you all I know our relationship is very clear from that True Lord,
    When the sun of your youth will set,
    Then tell me where will you go.
    I have heard that your body has many customers,
    What’s the point of having a relationship with her when own peoples cheats on ?
    What is that cleverness, which is on a simple person,
    When God will ask for the account of your deeds,
    Then tell me what cleverness you will show.

    For my love of my life and beyond
    From my side
    But she tore me like a bad marks report card

    Actually she has beautiful face and figure that that’s she shows some condescend.

    You broke my heart into millions of pieces and still I cannot blame you for feeling this way.

    Because you showed your ethics and I am Trying to Become Like You but I can’t be that much cruel na don’t know why that True God made such peoples like you might be he forget to put heart in there chest I iwill complain to God because it’s not her mistake na it’s God mistake they build some people like her seriosly what all she did still I Don’t want to see her in pains but from deep in my. Heart there is some fire in on which want to request God to set an example via Her that everyone get afraid before playing with someone others feelings.

    What type of peoples they are you Can take a try you can do anyhthing for. Them but in the end they will get booored by you actually some people at build only to sale their body and feed there family and when you fight with them they will simply ask you that can feed their family? Why to stop. Sex work? And many more questions of which you have simple answer Yes i can but In the end they will reply just go away I have seen many people like you then very deep from my heart I will say baby you have seen many but never tested them at all them you will realise that you were the biggest idiot on the planet actually they deserve money only they don’t like love and all bullshits like you and you also turned yourself like them who all really deserve love you will them also like her and you will treat all of them like her because you will start hating the one who deserves love and you also turned them like you like this only we have more bad people on counting than a good peoples but there is one way you don’t have to change you will be the same who you are forget her let her do what she does one day trust karma take action against her she wants you then also help her but only financially never meet her and turned her into a good person trust me she only. Can’t. Never forgive herself by that time you are enjoying with your wife daughters and sons the complete family. Then you will realise that
    Wasn’t love that was only. Attraction which build because of so much toxications and let her be selfish no issues you always be big hearted that you can anything.if anyone ask from you no need to the more you donate. The more God Will give you

    I just Want my mind to set back where it was earlier before she/He didn’t came in my life that keep on telling someone the same exact thing about how you feel and they don’t change it, understand they don’t respect you and please go to some that place where you will get some respect

    Unrequited love is the hardest of them all, hoping for something that might never just happen.

    When we love someone that doesn’t love us back, for a while, we are optimistic and do all sorts of things that don’t make us proud. As time is passing, if you don’t put an end to your misery, you might feel that love is something creepy, something to be avoided because it’s too hard to bear.

    Perhaps, you have no control over who you love… If that is true, the other person doesn’t either. And, if you (really) think about it, it’s easier to control who not to love than who you want to love. Is it not?
    Then you ll realise that you would never be good enough for her I got that.

    We are simple person, we don’t know about to cheat We only know how to stay in patients, we don’t create chaos/mess It’s all about fate you could not understand As you sow, so shall you reap

    And yes guys that valentine surprise I revealed next. Day guess what she was saying I don’t like surprises and all she is very great planner so many big big clients she have to attend them if you are that much busy you don’t have to start relationships like. Shits na please do correct me if I seems wrong anywhere I always want to meet people transparently no but her lies and lies make me feel that yes she is one who will wind up and perfect to take care of yourself in between of relationships I got confirmed that she is playing and using and my time my money my love and affection are some kind of toys she play with and when you done left it like that only but guys what’s she does she showed her what her parents ethics taught her what i did for. Her that’s my parents taught me. I can show. Very childish acting and listen and accepted what sobarr resso is inside me.
    Guys. You only.tell. I was fedup. Of asking my rights. Or on what all. Shits are there I want to know. It’s very easy to build place in someoone heart and now a days people like you put some. Toxications in trust me they si start believing that all the way on whole planet earth only shes left foryou
    And guys when she

    She never kept. A single promise she told. Me. Day before. Yesterday that is. She can’t. Give my. Ring she ll. Do complete every thing like. Going to parlor going to. Club never asked me. Before I never wented any were with her that is the consusion why making someone that mucb bad that he can’t be in real she always out wrong allegations like she did yesterday I am. Not having his brother no and this is report I am God damn sure is fake but still putting allegations on others will. Hide your mistakes for sometime one days it will be get revealed and

    Moral : never fell. In love stlll havig and false allegation then never if yojr cn
    And Yes Never trusted shemales
    But still. Some our very good by heart but very rare as rare as dinasaurs
    If still you fell in love than also just clear. That she is not amongst the bongs.
    3.thimgs of which literally I am having putt phobia
    1 chars gnja
    2 apne aps nazar tha
    3 pyaar krna hit a


    You’ll find happiness one day underneath all that pent up aggression oozing out of your pores. And I know you’ll find it one day I can see you’re a fighter. Stop pointing fingers you have three pointing back at you

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