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| Mar 4, 2019
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Hello all, and welcome! Let us march fourth into our March Edition of Trans Media Arts. Did you watch the Oscars? I caught the last half. While there was not any trans related nominees, there was one special Red Carpet appearance. It was Hollywood’s biggest night. I still hope that someday trans people will be accepting major awards.

Speaking of that special Oscar Red Carpet moment, Pose actor Billy Porter “shut down” the carpet when he appeared in a full-length velvet tuxedo dress and train designed by Christian Siriano. He said he was given only one week to design and fit the tuxedo top over a strapless gown. But he also added that when you come to the Oscars you must dress up. This wasn’t the first time that Porter came to an awards ceremony in an unusual fashion, pun intended. He attended the Golden Globes in a floral-embellished suit and cape. Porter’s stylist Sam Ratelle said “When [Porter] started wearing dresses recently, that was very specific because of all the stuff that was going on in the White House regarding transgender rights. We started talking about it and we’re like, we have to start representing these people because you have to normalize that somehow publicly. There has to be visibility.”

Comedian Dave Chapelle is at it again. During a two-show run performance at Charlotte’s Belk Theater in the run-up to the NBA All-Star Game, Dave continued to poke fun at transgender people. He had already been derided for his transphobic rants in his Nexflix special Equinimity, which won a Grammy and an Emmy. Chapelle is completely non-apologetic for his jokes. He says about the criticism, “I Don’t believe them.” He seems to think that only a few internet trolls are denouncing him for his clearly transphobic rants. He doesn’t believe there is a problem and will continue to make trans people the butt of jokes. As long as people keep coming to see him and stop watching his specials, he won’t stop it seems. His latest “funny” rant about trans people was, “Just because (you’re trans) doesn’t make you right about every —damn thing. You right about a lot of (expletive), but I mean … just give these people their rights so I can say funny (expletive) again.” Yeah…thanks for the “help” Dave. Sigh.

Ellen Page, who is best known for her film Juno, and for being a lesbian actress, is coming to the defense of trans people. She spoke out against the growing anti-trans rights rhetoric. She states that the trans community is being left behind by the rest of the LGBT community. It is great news to hear that Ellen is supporting the community. Hollywood is getting the message and is spreading it to masses that trans rights are human rights.

Cheadle wearing the shirt.

Actor Don Cheadle, who has been in many movies including Iron Man and The Avengers, made a quick, but powerful statement for trans protections when he hosted Saturday Night Live or SNL for short. Before introducing musical guest Gary Clark Jr. for the second time that night, Cheadle wore a brown Tee shirt with stark white letters saying “Protect Trans Kids.” I saw this live and was pleasantly surprised to see it on a national show. His message received praise from fans and advocacy groups. NCTE and HRC both tweeted their support shortly after it aired, as did I.

The controversial film Girl, originally scheduled to appear on Netflix in February, is now going to debut on the ubiquitous pay network on March 15. It is curious that it has been delayed a month. I have seen reviews that say to not watch it at all because it is so gratuitous. But, it did make the film festival circuit and was picked up by Netflix. I hear that there are hard parts to watch that may include self-mutilation, just as a warning. But the film is centered around a trans girl who wants to be a ballerina.

News from Pakistan, a transgender activist, model Kami Sid has starred in a short film called Rani, which is due to premier in Karachi in March at the 10th Karachi Literature Festival. The film is a unique story about a transgender women facing challenges, yet trying to do the right thing. The story is set in Karachi. Rani tries to break the long-standing belief in Pakistan that transgender people only exist for entertainment purposes.

And finally, sad news out of Nashville. Jackie Shane, 78, and a black transgender soul singer has passed away. She was a pioneering musician in Toronto in the ’60’s. She went into seclusion in 1971 until recently until a Canadian Broadcasting Company documentary renewed interest in her. Jackie agreed to work on a new album release of all of her past singles and live recordings in 2017. It was nominated for best historical album at the Grammy Awards.

That’s all for now folks! See ya next time.

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