Trans Fiction: Emily

| Jan 28, 2019
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Hi, my name is Robert. I was born a pre-mature twin via C-section due to complications my mother encountered after her car was rammed into by a drunk driver one evening. Sadly my twin sister was didn’t survive. My parents were Sara and Robert Fuller and they both worked in finance in the World Trade Center, and both were later killed in the 9/11 attack. I do have a few memories of my birth parents from a small handful of pictures Ellen has shown to me. Ellen, my new Mom, is my birth Mother’s twin sister. She kindly took me in to prevent me from being placed into foster care. She is a single mother and has an almost fourteen-year-old daughter named Daisy. We all live in Edmonds, Washington, a quaint waterfront community just north of Seattle. Mother has her master’s degree in Nursing and almost finished with her Ph.D. in Nursing and Administration and has dreams to be able to teach someday.

How It All Started

I love school. In class I am always curious and ask “why or how” questions about almost everything. I enjoy experimenting and trying new ideas and wanting to build everything I see in Popular Mechanics. Last year my classmates named me, “The Explorer and the Master of Curiosity.” In biology class I loved dissecting the animals; and at home taking mechanical items apart to see how they worked and why they were designed or constructed in that manner. Math and Science are my favorite and strongest subjects followed by English and History. I enter all the science fairs and have been told by many of my teachers they love my curiosity and tell me my observation and logic skills are keen.

One thing is always cause me to scratch my head. Why do girls have so many clothes, fabrics, and colors? This intrigues me. Plus, why do they own so many pairs shoes? I only have two pairs of nice dress shoes for school and church, a pair of flip-flops and one pair of gym shoes. Oh, I also have a pair of boots for when I rains too.

Each day I’d ride the school bus to and from school and termed a turn-key child. My Sister usually rode a later bus due to her school activities and socializing with a group of her girlfriends that I termed the “Hot List.” They are, in my opinion, the best-looking girls at our school. This list is comprised of my Sister Daisy, Cheyenne Thomas and Heidi Mallard — Sis’s age, 13. Jasmyn Cooper, Mandy Katz, and Madison Williams are my age, 12. Are all thin with shoulder length or longer hair of various color shades. They even looked incredible in their school uniforms!

Being born over a month pre-mature somewhat doomed me to be a runt. Runt of the litter of two, I suppose. For some reason my testes haven’t descended, and my doctor wasn’t sure if they every would. I am now 5’3” at the ripe old age of 12 and a weigh a whopping 71.3 pounds soaking wet. Yep, a runt. Or to be politically correct, vertically challenged for a boy of my age.

One Thursday afternoon after getting off the school bus I opened our front door and turned off the alarm then headed to my room to take off my school uniform to put on some jeans and a t-shirt to finish my homework for the next day which I do on the couch downstairs. As I walked past Daisy’s room my mind went into curiosity mode.

I searched Daisy’s dresser drawers and pulled out the first pair of panties I found. I observed and mentally noted that they were a pale bluish-purple color and very smooth and soft and feather light. I quickly undressed and put them on. I wasn’t sure how to describe the feel of one of her bras and again made a mental note to think about it especially after looking at a number and alphabetic character next to it on the tag. Was this part of an algebra equation? 32A equals what? Where is the ‘x’ in the equation I am to solve for? Or maybe was it a special code or secret girl code? Next, from her closet I found a white button-down blouse and coral colored skirt. As I was zipping up the side of the skirt when I heard someone behind me shriek. I immediately jumped and looked around and saw the reflection of Daisy in her mirror.

“Daisy,” I yelped out. “You scared me!”

“Oh my gosh, you scared me too!” She said panting. “Is, is that really you, Robert?” She said with hesitation and concern holding one hand up to her heart and the other to her mouth. “Oh my gosh, I actually thought there was another girl in my room putting on my clothes.” After calming down for a few seconds and catching her breath then, followed by a big swallow, she said. “Now please explain to me why you are here in my room and what are you doing wearing my clothes?” Still holding her heart, “Wow, my heart’s still beating a zillion times a minute.”

“Can’t you see I am exploring to find out what they feel like?” I saw nothing wrong with what I was doing but sensed she did.

After calming down a bit more, Daisy said, “All I see is my younger brother wearing my clothes.” Said Daisy with her arms now crossed in front of her. “Really, I couldn’t really tell it was you.” She paused and looked me over. “So, what have you explored and discovered?”

“I find everything much nicer and softer than the clothes I wear. I also like the colors in your wardrobe compared to most of my stiff and itchier dull clothes?” I summarized my discoveries in a logical manner as I could hoping my Sister saw that I was only exploring and not a pervert.

“Do you wish to explore some more, or are satisfied with your explorative discoveries for today?” Daisy asked with raised eyebrows and her head slightly tilted to the right and tilted toward me.

Not really answering her question I continued with my observations. “Everything seems to have a nicer texture. They feel nice and smell nice, except for this bra thing has a kinda snug feeling.”

“So, I take that is a yes? And that you want to try on more girl clothes?” Daisy said with a smile and still a look of surprise on her face at the same time.

“Sure. If you don’t mind, Sis.”

Daisy went into her closet pulled out several items and held them up to me then returned them to her closet shaking her head sideways. I wondered why not simply pull it out of the closet and put it on and be done with it? That’s what I do. Finally, she selects a pale canary-yellow sun dress with a multi-colored pastel flower pattern on the right front side of the skirt. I took off the blouse and skirt and laid it on her four-posted canopy bed. Daisy helped slide the sundress over my head. Next, she grabbed a pair of white low-cut socks from her bottom dresser drawer and stuffed one in each of my bra cups. She handed me some shoes but they were a bit too big but wasn’t concerned since I hadn’t planned on walking anywhere. Finally, she led me over to the other side of her room and sat me down at her vanity. She made me stand up and instructed me how to smooth the skirt of my sundress. Next, she did something to my long over-grown pageboy style haircut by adding a yellow bow-clip to it, applied light makeup and a light pinkish neutral colored lipstick and finishing with a necklace and bracelet.

“Well how do you look and feel now, Robert?”

I looked in her full-length mirror. “I still really like the feel of the clothes, and I really don’t look like boy anymore at all. Does this make me a girl now?” I was pleased with what I had discovered so far and said, “Thanks Sis. This was much more interesting than I thought it would be.” Neither one of us hear mom come in from work.

“Daisy, is this a new friend?” We both jumped and inhaled in unison as we turned toward mom. “Where’s your brother? He’s always downstairs doing his homework this time of day.” Mom turned and looked directly at me again.

Daisy jumped in and fumbled for words. “Mother, this is…ah…Emily.”

“Hello Emily, nice to meet you. You must be one of the new girlfriends from school Daisy has been talking about. I love your dress.” I smiled and nodded. I nervously answered,

“Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Fuller.”

Mom yells out for Robert a several more times. “I wonder where he is? This is not like him at all.” Daisy slowly raises left her arm slowly like you see in a monster movie and points to me with her index finger? Stunned for a few seconds. Mom blurts out. “Robert Herman Fuller II! Is that you? What are you doing in Daisy’s clothes? I thought I recognized that dress.”

“I was exploring how they felt and what they looked like. Sis was nice enough to help me.”

Mom had me turn around and just looked me over for a few moments, “I had absolutely no idea that you weren’t a girl, and if it wasn’t for this sundress….” Mom paused from talking and continued to look me over. “Wow! I can’t believe I didn’t even recognize my own son. Amazing, after eleven years as an emergency room trauma nurse I thought I’ve seen practically everything. You two come downstairs while I make dinner and tell me more and this,…a,….exploring of yours.”

I started to pull the sundress off over my head when mom said, “No. Stay dressed as you are. I think you look darling.” Turning to Daisy, “What was her name again?”

Daisy said, “Emily. I just made it up.” Mom didn’t seem as upset now.

Mom looked at me and smiled as we walked downstairs, “Emily is really cute, isn’t she, Daisy?”

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This story is not like other stories that I’ve read saying that the author has always know they were a girl — I think I discovered being one.

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