Time For The Sales of Summer

| Aug 29, 2022
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Dear Readers, I hope you are enjoying the waning days of Summer! Fall is fast approaching, and we all know what that means—SUMMER SALES! Soon enough it will be time for tweeds, camel hair and plaids-but for now, I heartily suggest that you go out and see what’s on sale now. We actually do have a nice chunk of hot summer left, so let’s take advantage of this slice of savings time

Did you wear out your beachwear? Is your tankini tatty, your bikini bottomed out? I certainly hope so, because now you can rush right out and replace those worn-out goodies with some seriously cheap replacements. Bathing suits half-off?? Not in the flesh, but in the price tag-an excellent time to hunt. And all of those adorable little dresses and tops, and flirty skirts? CHEEEEAP. Ditto for shorts ’n’ skorts, too.

And lest we forget—sandals, casual shoesies and strappy heels. You KNOW you’ll wear them next year, on or that mid-winter Bahamas trip,  I always check out Macy’s “Last Act”—a really swell bargain-basement affair, but look up in the regular areas for Last Act sections, there are bargains galore.

And don’t forget our favorites—LINGERIE! A LOT of bras, chemises, panties and other dainties are on the chopping block, to make way for flannel granny gowns and fleece robes, fluffy mule-slippers and plaid PJs. Look now for mere slips of silk nighties, cotton and lace camisoles and whisper-satin robes.

Next time, I will be (sadly) looking for inspiration among the cashmere, wool and corduroy—but for now, I urge you to snap up some of the lovely, fleeting wispies of summer.

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