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| Nov 2, 2007
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en26prib.jpg Hey sports fans! Football season is in full swing, basketball is starting up, and we mention none of it in this edition of TWIT Notes! Instead, we’ve got a tv talk show host who’s TG, the latest on ENDA, a lesson on what methamphetamine will get you, and a laugh from a reader.

transgender_rose248.jpgSeems to me that we mentioned this once before. But, it’s worth revisiting: Indian television is about to get a transgender talk show host. The Hindu talks with the host of Ippadikku Rose, as does IBN, but with a videolink. And if a TV show weren’t enough, there’s a new movie coming out of India with a TG theme. has a review.

In the US, we’re getting reruns of a Brit reality show featuring a transsexual prize. One of the bloggers at doesn’t approve. And how can you blame him?

Having a television audience is one thing, but have you ever talked with a group of people in the same room? Babs Casbar and Terry McCorkell did it recently at the College of New Jersey, and The Signal was there.

For some transgendered people, friends are the only family they have. And one drag king in Georgia has found out how strong the bonds are. Read about Pee Wee at the Southern Voice.

In Washington, ENDA is not dead. Yet. Democrats are still split over whether to include TG to the Employment Non Discrimination Act. The Washington Blade has the latest.

In Arizona, a brokered deal between a bar owner and the transgendered customers he kicked out of the ladies’ room has fallen through. The Arizona Republic covers the messy bathroom brawl.

Bathroom rights are on the table in Maryland’s Montgomery County. Cybercast News Service covers one side of the debate. bravely covers the same side, but in much deeper detail.

33559688.jpgThis week’s good news: Drew, who used to be Ann, is still a Rev. That decision from a church council. Reacquaint yourself with the good pastor at the Baltimore Sun.

This week’s bad news, with a silver lining: In Sherman, Texas, police arrested a crossdresser for possession of meth. (Doesn’t she know what that stuff will do to your looks???) But, if you read deeply into the story at the Herald Democrat, you’ll find that the local jail is already aware of special needs for transgendered prisoners.

In addition to the National Day of Remembrance, Portland students are spending the entire month thinking about what it means to be transgendered. Well, some of them are. The rest are probably thinking about the party next weekend at the Oughta Tappa Kegga house. The Vanguard has more on the events. (No mention of the frat party though.)

en26prib.jpgDidja know Edinburgh has only one drag bar? ‘Tis true. Read about it at the And Atlantic City has one less drag bar. The Philadelphia Inquirer records the passing of an era.

And finally, on a lighter note: reader Liz Bendalin submitted the best “For Better or Worse” comic strip I’ve seen in a long time.

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