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This Week in Transgenderism 7/27/09

| Jul 27, 2009
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Calpernia Addams
Calpernia Addams

Calpernia Addams pokes fun at her fame, despite how she got it. The oldest and youngest post-op TS‘s both make headlines. What does a mom think of transitioning? TG porn one of the fastest growing segments in the industry. Things not to do in Vegas. How to pick the right strapless bra. Someone doesn’t like how Stu Rasmussen dresses. A new show for India’s Rose. And a prisoner doesn’t like being cooped up with men.

And unfortunately, three Twits of the Week. And when your friends as why you’re so informed, tell them you read it in TWIT Notes!


Oldest SRS Recipient
Oldest SRS Recipient

It’s never too late.  A Philadelphia-area woman has become one of the oldest, if not the oldest, SRS patient.  CBS3 has details.

The Daily Star says the world’s youngest TS is incredibly popular in the north of England.  The boys up there really like her, and who can blame them?

This past Saturday was Transgender Day in Houston, as declared by the mayor.  Why?  Read the story at ABC13.

Do you like working on a vacation? A London cop apparently doesn’t mind. (In fact, she calls herself a glutton for punishment.) Anyway, she stopped off to talk to fellow officers in Calgary about transgender issues. The Calgary Herald has the story.

Activists Conference
Activists Conference

At a recent conference on community organization and activism in Atlanta, one of the panels was conducted by t-girls. Southern Voice has more.

Lez Get Real is publishing a series of articles from a woman whose son is transitioning. They also have Part Two and Part Three up so you can see what you’re putting your mother through.

If the statistics fly by you, All Headline News has something that should stick: A report from Europe indicates that every three days, a trans-person is murdered.

Here’s one of those victims: The Star has information on a T who was beaten to death by her customer.

NY1 covers a rally in Queens to protest the recent attacks on two TG women. Complete with video.

TG Teacher
TG Teacher

A post-op substitute teacher is calling it quits. Seems she’s not being asked to teach any more, even though districts said they were ignoring the complaints from some parents. The Press of Atlantic City has more.

Trans porn is becoming very popular. With whom? Straight guys, mainly. But before you run out and buy that expensive camera and those implants to make your own pornos, you’d better read the report from Ecommerce.

Organizers of a GLBT festival in Florida in November are putting out the cattle call: They need entertainers of all stripes. Think you’re up to it? City Debate has the details.

Okay, it’s not exactly trans-specific, but still some good advice: Ten things not to do in Vegas. We particularly like #2, #3 and #5. Vegas Chatter has the entire list.

SF's Next Human Rights Commish?

The former president of San Francisco’s police commission is now rumored to be first in line to head up the city’s Human Rights Commission. Find out why this is ticking off some people at the Chronicle. (Not that the Chronicle staff is ticked off, but rather they’re reporting on those who are.)

You’ve already read the articles here about neighbors complaining about TG hookers in Old Goucher. Now, learn about things from the working girls’ POV. The Baltimore Sun has more.

It’s back! The much debated GLBT ordinance in Kalamazoo, Michigan, was proposed, withdrawn, and re-introduced, supposedly because it offered compromises to those who opposed it. However, the forces of negativity are collecting signatures, with hopes of getting a city-wide referendum. MLive has more.

Mayor Rasmussen
Mayor Rasmussen

Stu Rasmussen is facing clothing criticism. No, it’s not a wardrobe malfunction, but rather a wardrobe choice. Pink News UK explains.

Another week, another Trans 101 article from the Examiner. (Not that we’re complaining!)

The Washington City Paper has a review on a gender-bending theatrical comedy that you probably wouldn’t want to take your mom to. And the City Paper also has a review of an office comedy with a TG character.

Bay Windows points out the war of words going on behind the scenes in Massachusetts over the trans-rights bill. And the media is unwittingly(?) taking sides.

Words mean things in NM
Words mean things.

A TG activist in New Mexico is taking local media to task in the pages of Alibi for their ignorant, backward and insulting way of referring to transgendered victims of violence.

Speaking of words, we return to the Examiner for a discussion of “transgender” versus “transgendered“. (We may have to have a staff meeting on this. But only if Angela brings doughnuts.)

You first read about Suzy Wedge and the Waves in last week’s edition of TGForum, via Pamela DeGroff. This week, learn more at

It’s amazing that with all that she does, writing, advising, YouTubing, Calpernia Addams still has time to mount a successful stage show. Read about it, and her, at the Bay Times, and try not to feel badly because you can’t find time to do laundry.

India’s Rose

Our favorite Indian, Rose, is launching a new television show. Catch up with her and her life at the Globe and Mail.

A fashion writer for In Style magazine talks about getting the right strapless bra at MSN. Isn’t it interesting the writer is male?

MedIndia reports an inmate in a British prison is in the men’s lockup, but wants to be in with the women, because said inmate is TG. And while the inmate would like to transition, it’s not possible living with men. Oh, and the crime? Rape. (We need to have a discussion on what official stance to take on TG’s behind bars, because while this comes close to TWIT of the Week territory, there’s arguments in favor of better treatment for transgendered prisoners.)

TWITS of the Week:

TWIT of the Week #1
TWIT of the Week #1

There are two common themes becoming apparent in our TWIT Notes. Firstly there’s the run-of-the-mill criminal activity. As we read in the Charlotte Observer, which delivers the classic headline, “When implants heal, suspect will surrender.”

Then there’s the exposure cases. Like the guy from the aptly named Peekskill, New York, who went shoe store hunting, with his dangly bits dangling. LoHud has the story. Nicely done! Way to advance the cause, you twit!

Fortunately, this hasn’t become a trend yet: A drag queen attacks a judge over his vote. Details at Chicago Now.

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