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| Sep 7, 2020
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Miss International Queen 2013

Amongst our readership, Ladyboys remain a constant source of interest, curiosity, call it what you will. People are fascinated by the beauty, grace, charm and femininity of these Transgender women from Asian countries.

The most famous Asian Ladyboys are from Thailand (sometimes called Katoeys) and The Philippines (Trans-pinay), but there are significant numbers of Trans women in Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan and so on.

Cabaret shows with Ladyboy performers are internationally famous and attract thousands upon thousands of spectators on a regular basis. Some of the more famous cabaret shows even tour internationally. Then there are beauty pageants for Transgender women, veritable institutions certainly in Thailand and The Philippines with junior Ladyboy competitions for Trans girls starting from age 8 or 9.

Anyway, here is a selection of links to some of the more popular cabaret shows and other Ladyboy related videos… enjoy! On some of the videos the commentary is only in Thai but you can get the gist of what’s happening. After all, you are probably just looking at the beauties on show!

Tiffany Cabaret show Pattaya (Perhaps the most famous of them all.)

Simon Cabaret show Phuket

Calypso Cabaret Bangkok

Look behind the scenes at a Ladyboy show in Pattaya:

Another look behind the scenes, with some English commentary:

Secrets of Thai Ladyboys

Three popular “One Man One Woman” competitions where contestants present as both female and male:

One man one woman 2018

One man one woman 2015

One man one woman superstar awards

Well-known channel with compilation of Ladyboy related videos:

Miss Angie Beauty Queen Angie beauty channel selection.

Miss Angie Beauty Queens 2016

Even if you can’t understand everything that’s going on in the videos, be sure to enjoy!

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