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| Jun 24, 2008
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We here at TGF’s TWIT Notes believe the phrase “breaking news” is overused. So, we’re not going to contribute to the clutter. However, from time to time, we do come across information too hot to wait until our weekly update, and so now, we break into our regularly scheduled programming to bring you these:

Charges may be filed in Virginia in a same-sex wedding, approved by the local court. Seems the bride has that pesky “M” on her driver’s license. No pictures of the actual couple, but, full coverage from the Associated Press. (Photo illustration comes from TGForum’s Pictorial Library.)

And, a Britney impersonator who is not Chris Crocker is burning up the dance floor and the Internet after her appearance on America’s Got Talent:

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  1. ronnierho ronnierho says:

    You and me both, Hon!

  2. says:

    Oh My, Don”t I wish I could look lke that…..

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