The Week That Was

| Jun 8, 2007
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Lawmakers hitting turbulance, law officers coming out of the closet, TG’s beaten, shot and stabbed, and one fights back against it all—by taking a poop on someone’s porch. It’s all inside this edition of TGForum News!

Efforts to put TG in one state’s anti-discrimination laws starting to fall apart. At least according to


One of member of the Thin Blue Line in Kansas City is also one of us, and out. Get more from (Or see the interview with KMBC.) And the head of the SFPD Commission is too. Bay Area Business Woman has more.


The Latin America Press reports that TG’s are getting killed in Latin America. And Monsters and Critics says they’re getting beat up in India, too. And in Canada, where police at least seem to be making an effort, according to the Ottawa Citizen.


Coincidence, or revenge? A man accused of attacking an NYDQ was himself shot. The New York Post has some of the info.


Newsweek had gender and transgender as the cover story, and now comes the pushback. We start with the Christian Post.


Methodists in Tennessee have accepted a TG pastor, but it doesn’t seem to be sitting well with the Baptist Press.


Joanne Herman has some interesting thoughts on religion, transgenderism and the firing of Steve Stanton. It’s in the Advocate.


If you think American television is a mess, you should read what they’re watching in Russia. The St. Petersburg (RU) Times has more.


What’s Jeffrey Carlson doing, now that he’s off All My Children? Well, the Washington Blade’s gossip page has some rumors.


And from our “What the hell are you thinking” file: The Orlando Sentinal reports that… ah, jeez. You just have to read it for yourself.

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