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The Week in Transgenderism 10/18/10

| Oct 18, 2010
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Stacey Lee: Murdered

History is written by the winners, so does it mean we’re finally winning because our stories are being documented?  A Cinderella-story TS takes on the LPGA so she can get her 18 holes in before the heavy stuff starts coming down.  The DVD release of “Ticked Off Trannies with Knives” sure to rekindle the debate on whether or not it’s appropriate.  An FtM is told “sorry, no”, and an MtF is told simply “no way” in their bids to become homecoming royalty.  The Real Housewives are about to become even campier.  Collecting coming out stories, in hopes of inspiring others.  It’s just a jump to the bland, and a red, red, yellow, blue, green.  Another name added to the “Remembering Our Dead” list.  A pop star’s husband ‘fesses up about his crossdressed girlfriend, and a rapper denies his.  Two more comics do drag.  Teaching eunuchs to sell insurance.  A reality show “lawman” shows compassion to a t-girl in trouble.   More stories that “it gets better,” but they come too late for one young TG.  And a “let the buyer beware” story in the TWIT of the Week.

The more stories you read, the more the mainstream media will cover our issues.  And you can find the important ones here in TWIT Notes!

Lana Lawless

Lana Lawless is a champion golfer, but the LPGA won’t let her compete because she wasn’t born a woman.  So, she’s suing under California’s anti-discrimination laws.  Sports and Entertainment News has details.

A post-op TS has filed suit against an NFL player, alleging rape in 2009.  The News-Press doesn’t say why she didn’t file a police report, and instead went right for the money.  (Although NBC Sports says the accused made a settlement with the plaintiff, but never paid up.)

History!  Those who don’t know it, are damned to repeat it.  Physorg reports a researcher uncovered the lost memoirs of one of our forgotten early champions.  And Q Salt Lake talks with a historian about his book that claims transvestitism was once open and common place in some cities.  The Daily Planet says historians are trying to collect stories from Minneapolis-St. Paul, and are finding a lot of TG history.

One News Now says a Michigan college professor has testified against an anti-discrimination bill in Ohio, claiming it discriminates.  So, why aren’t lies and misinformation corrected more often?  AlterNet takes it up from there.

Friends of Andy

There could be a lawsuit brewing in Texas, after a TG student’s name was not on the list of nominees for homecoming queen.  The Dallas Morning News says Andy Moreno believes she had enough votes, but was blackballed by the principal.  The Dallas Voice says hundreds of students showed up at a demonstration in support of Moreno.

And what of our other denied homecoming candidate?  The ACLU may get involved in the case of Oak Reed in Michigan, according to My High School Journalism.

A federal judge last week ordered suspension of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rule, and CBN objects by picking on the T.

Online RPGs, (role-playing games) have become so complex, there are now advice columnists who specialize in telling people how to interact with one-another in the virtual world.  The WoW Insider has their suggestions for one TG player who’s been outed.

Crossdressed at Morehouse

Last year, the president of Morehouse College issued a dress code for students prohibiting crossdressing.  Well, now, Vibe Magazine talks with the students who were mostly like the target of the rule.  Just Out has the rest of the story.

The rash of suicides among young gay people in America hasn’t gone away, even if the coverage has died down.  In fact, in California last week, a young t-girl took her own life.  Perez Hilton has more on the life and death of Chloe Lacey and the aftermath.

Those suicides have prompted and inspired thousands of people across the country to do something.  Pamela Reed went to a candlelight vigil outside a city hall in California, to read her poem, “Different.”  The coverage is from the Mountain View Voice.

A t-girl was murdered in Philadelphia last week, and her body found by her boyfriend.  CBS News found witnesses to suggest Stacey Lee was hooking on the side, even though she was also a respected member of a GLBT activist group.

Still no progress in the investigation into the murder of a trans-woman in Charlotte, North Carolina, earlier this year.  And save some of your anger for the sister of the victim, interviewed by WSOC.

The trial has started in New Zealand for two men accused of murdering a TG while drunk and high.  The case is presented in the Herald.

National Coming Out Day was last week, and the Huffington Post collected coming out stories.  Stony Brook Press has more, with varying degrees of success.

Spreading the Word

More T’s are out there, talking to college students and anyone else who’ll listen, trying to educate people on what it means to be transgender.  The Daily 49er, the Daily Eastern News and Central Michigan Life have three of the latest seminars covered.

Students talk to the Columbia Spectator about their ideas on gender identity, and when they felt comfortable displaying non-normative behavior.

Kate Bornstein

Author/activist Kate Bornstein stopped by another university, not just to talk, but to perform.  The review is at the Acorn.

Here’s some positive news: WEHO reports on the “Angels of Change” event, which should raise money for a pro-TG teen program at a California hospital.

Pam Bennett

She rocks, according to Take Part: Pam Bennett of Colorado isn’t afraid of transitioning, or politics.  Can we learn anything from her life?  Of course, but only if we read the interview!

An activist with 40 years of experience is the first T to be recognized in a Canadian community for his efforts.  Read more at Xtra.

Over the weekend, a fundraiser for the transgendered homeless of Quebec.  The Pacific Free Press had a preview.

A sex survey of Washington D.C. area middle school students has some parents, and some media outlets up in arms.  TBD points out it’s one question on gender identity that’s getting all the press.

Nurture or nature?  The debate continues, and a new book about gender identity at birth goes with nurture. But, a reviewer at the Sydney Morning Herald, strongly disagrees.  Oddly enough, Varsity has another story in a similar vein.

For some reason, “Asia One News” felt the need to set apart the word transgender in their story on discrimination in Malaysia.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but they also had to do the same with the words abnormal, immoral and high risk.

From Bollywood with Love

It could be a game-changer in India, where a new movie comes out later this year, which treats the TG story line with realism and respect.  The story is in IBN Live.

Another government agency in India, according to Indian Express, is changing it’s forms and paperwork to acknowledge and recognize the “third sex.”

More progress: an Indian insurance company is training TGs to sell policies, according to Express Buzz.

And in Kuwait, the cops are still cracking down on crossdressers.  The Arab Times has a blurb on the latest arrest.

Knowledge is power.  In Thailand, volunteers are teaching English to sex workers, in hopes they can can be better protected against violence, and slavery.  City Pulse takes a look.

The Guardian has invited singer Antony Johnson on board as a guest editor.  And in true editor-fashion, Johnson gets someone else to write an article on the Native American concept of the “two spirit.”

As reported last week, rapper Chingy allegedly had an ongoing thing with a TG model.  And she’s talking about it.  A lot. Her latest interview is included at BET.

Gwen Stefani‘s husband, Gavin Rossdale, says yes, he did have a relationship with a crossdresser.  Although it was only once, and he was just 17.  Uh huh.  The LA Times has more.

Ticked Off Trannies with Knifes

TOTwK” hasn’t gone away, and neither has the controversy.  And as a matter of fact, with it coming out on DVD next month, the fires may flare up again.  Read more at the New York Press.

You may be eager to see the “Glee” version of “Rocky Horror,” but don’t get your hopes up too high.  The Bilerico Project says they’ve sanitized it for the general viewing public.  On the other hand, you can wear whatever you like when you play the “RHPS” version of Guitar Hero, out later this month, according to Switched.

A documentary with a twist: An artist was savagely beaten more than ten years ago.  He’s created a world set in a fictional Belgian town, during WWII, populated entirely by dolls.  So, what’s the T angle, and what’s the twist?  You have to visit the NY Press to find out.

Zach Galifianakis

Zack Galifianakis is everywhere these days it seems.  Vanity Fair, for some reason, thought it might be nice to see him in a swimsuit.

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Adam Sandler also gets dolled up to play his twin sister in a new movie.  Photos are at Slash Film.

Apparently there’s some reality, psuedo-law enforcement show on TruTV called “Southern Fried Stings,” and the E Online has a clip featuring a young crossdresser and her mother.

Real Housewife

The Real Housewives franchise is expanding to Miami, and among the cast, a local drag queen is set to shake things up.  We get the scoop from Right Celebrity.

TWIT of the Week:


Don’t bring a knife to a verbal argument.  The Times Herald has more.

False advertising typically ends badly for everyone.  If you do plan a hookup with someone you met online, make sure they know what they’re getting.  Read the story in the South Bend Tribune.

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