The Week In Transgenderism 1/16/12

| Jan 16, 2012
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The transgender widow, Nikki Araquz, was supposed to be in court last Friday pleading guilty to theft charges and getting a jail sentence. While at a bar with an acquaintance last year Nikki lifted the other woman’s Rolex. It seemed that it was all worked out with the court and she would plea and take her thirty day sentence but that’s not what happened. We’re with Nikki on the lawsuit to get her husband’s insurance money but the other things she does cause her to veer closer and closer to TWIT territory. Find out what happened Friday at

It’s refreshing to know that it isn’t just here in the United States that the unwashed masses equate people with variant gender identities with moral problems. China is okay with transsexuals — as long as they’re not heard or seen. A Chinese TS was barred from being a judge on a television program because the people there believe that seeing a TS on TV is a moral threat to their children. Shades of Keith Ablow. Get the story at

Crocker dressed up.

Chris Crocker, the kid who made a big splash as a YouTube star with the Leave Britney Alone! video, is still out there and is now working a manly presentation. That’s lead some people in the TG community to be critical of him for abandoning his femme personna. Since gender is what you feel and no one should put you in a box we must give Chris’ critics a TWIT Award. Read about his fluid gender identity and what he’s up to no in The Huffington Post.

Another transgender woman has stepped forward to toss her designer hat into the political ring. Gina Duncan has filed to run for the Orange County Commission. The former football player and homecoming king hopes to win the campaign by concentrating on the issues of importance to Orange Country residents. Read about Gina and her run for office at There’s a video too!

Bobby Montoya

The fallout over Bobby Montoya’s admission into the Girl Scouts in Colorado is still causing fallout among those with strict rules about gender. A teen in California is mounting a campaign to boycott Girl Scout cookies. The teen says the Girl Scouts is dishonest because they say they promote and “all-girl experience” and then let in people with male genitals. Harumph! All we can say is — grow up! Read the story and view the teen’s anti TG video in The Huffington Post.

And the cookie wars continue. Buck Angel is a FtM who stars in erotic films as a man with a vagina. Buck has weighed in on the Girl Scout TG issue by producing a YouTube video exhorting people to buy more Girl Scout cookies. Why is Buck so involved? He used to be a Girl Scout. Check out the story and video in The L. A. Times.

If you’re transgendered and need to pee in the state of Tennessee there are politicians there who would make you have to submit to a gender check before you can go. A Republican state Senator introduced a bill to restrict public restrooms and dressing rooms to the gender they have been assigned. It seems that the bill was already withdrawn in the Tennessee Senate. Too bad. Just think of all the gender police they would need to hire to enforce the law. Now that would be job creation. Read about the dumb bill at The Daily Kos.

Of course as bad as it might get in Tennessee that state can never compete with the country of Kuwait. In 2007 they added a law to their penal code making “imitating the opposite sex” a crime. That’s bad, right? Sure but what makes it worse it that it’s totally up to the police to decide who is imitating the opposite sex. They’ve arrested, tortured and sexually abused people for having “smooth skin” or a “soft voice.” Get the disgusting facts at

Meanwhile, back in a more reasonable part of the world, two laws signed by Governor Jerry Brown in California have quietly become law. AB 887, the Gender Nondiscrimination Act adds additional anti-discrimination laws and AB 433, the Vital Statistics Modernization Act makes it easier for TGs to get updated birth certificates. Read about it in The SF Bay Times.

Aunt Cassie Rolle

Back in 2009 we told you about a lady who sold Tupperware in drag and was consistently one of the company’s highest sellers. Now comes word of another drag Tupperware party hostess — Aunt Cassie Rolle — who appeared on NBC’s Parks and Recreation last week. (Look for the episode on Hulu.) Read about Aunt Cassie in Moorestown Patch.

There’s a transgender problem in Seattle. No, it’s got nothing to do with transgender people. It’s a transgender chicken issue. The law in Seattle bans keeping roosters within the city limits. It seems some citizens have taken to raising breeds of birds that feature hens with rooster-like characteristics. What are those? Check out the story in Public Cola.

A black transwoman has written a book chronicling her gender issues and how she shifted from living as an unhappy and confilicted male to her new life as a proud black woman. The book is also being made into a film. Check out  Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman at her website.

President Anna Conda

The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club in San Francisco has a new president and for the first time it’s a drag queen. Bringing fabulous back to politics the new pres is Anna Conda. Check out the story and a video of Anna Conda on stage at

If you are planning on tuning in for the tasteless crossdressing sitcom Work It on Tuesday night, sorry. Good taste has triumphed! Actually bad ratings and worse reviews have done the job. ABC has canceled the show. Tuesday night they’re running a repeat of Last Man Standing. Maybe now they’ll appease all those Cougar Town fans and put that show back on the schedule. Get the details in The Hollywood Reporter.


RuPaul has tossed her wig into the “tranny” controversy. While promoting her new season of Drag Race the tall queen defended using the T word and said that Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass, and presumably Kelly Osborne should not have apologized for saying it aloud. Read the story and the tons of comments it generated at Perez Hilton’s website.

Everyone knows that Ernest Hemingway was a macho man. Hunting, fishing, roughing it, drinking and woman chasing, they didn’t get more manly than Hemingway. Maybe he was over compensating for those years as a child when his mother dressed him like a girl. A new book about him has just come out in England. It’s called Hemingway’s Boat: Everything He Loved in Life and Lost. The reviewer for The Mail is angling for a TWIT Award as he doesn’t seem to know that people don’t just become transvestites and transsexuals — things he claims for Hemingway’s son.

TG Teen

A teenage TG in Glasgow showed up at school last Monday dressed like her female classmates. The school told her to pack her things and go home. The school claims she never mentioned her femiinine tendencies and that she was being sent home for not being committed to getting an education. She claims that she had discussed her gender issues with the school for months and had finally worked up the nerve to go to school as a girl, and the school betrayed her. Our major TWIT Award is given to her school and they share it with The Daily Mail newspaper for calling her a boy through the whole article.

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