The Week In Trans 3/18/19

| Mar 18, 2019
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Brianna Titone

Brianna Titone, the first transgender person elected to the Colorado state legislature, attracted a crowd when she spoke at the University of Colorado Boulder campus. This story was covered by CBS Denver.

The Pentagon announced that it would implement its transgender ban as of April 12. Those who are currently in the military or who have signed an enlistment contract prior to the start of implementation will be exempt. Those who enlist after the new policy goes into effect will be discharged upon getting a diagnosis of “gender dysphoria, but according to the policy they can ask the secretary of that branch of the military for an exemption,. The whole ban is still to be argued in court. The Hill has this story.

Vermont has agreed to allow “X” as a gender designation on state ID cards and driver’s licenses. The state did not announce a date when the cards would be available. The Advocate says that eight states plus the District of Columbia have agreed to gender-neutral ID cards and driver’s licenses.

Jazell Barbie Royale

Jazell Barbie Royale, representing the USA won the title of Miss International Queen in Pattaya, Thailand. The HIV activist from Florida is the first person of color to win the title, according to The Bangkok Post.

A bill to increase the penalty for indecent exposure in a restroom has advanced out of a committee of the Tennessee House of Representatives. The good news is that the bill no longer says, “A medical, psychiatric, or psychological diagnosis of gender dysphoria, gender confusion, or similar conditions, in absence of untreated mental conditions, such as schizophrenia, does not serve as a defense to the offense of indecent exposure” has been removed from the bill. As amended, the bill no longer mentions transgender people, according to The Tennesseean.

Samantha Allen of The Daily Beast sings the praises of Johnson City, Tennessee. It is an LGBT-friendly site in the middle of red America.

The Utah House of Representatives passed a hate crimes bill, but they added “political beliefs” to the list of items being protected. LGBTQ Nation has this story.


Forbes magazine profiled Scott Turner Schofield and his company, Speaking Of Transgender. The company advises other companies on the best ways to deal with transgender employees and customers.

Six employees of the North Carolina university system are suing the state over its health care plan. The plaintiffs are either transgender themselves or have transgender children who are on their health care plans. The plan does not cover transgender medical procedures. You can read about it at The Raleigh News Observer.

Transgender people are statistically more likely to have an eating disorder than the general population. In The Advocate, Jodi Jaspan encourages clinics which treat eating disorders to do more about reaching out to transgender people.

A job fair in Los Angeles that was specifically aimed at transgender employees attracted hundreds of job seekers, as well as the attention of CBS Los Angeles.

Lunchbox Wax, an Idaho-based company in the beauty business, is advertising itself as friendly to transgender people. They have eliminated a gender checkbox on their client form, and they have renamed some services which seemed to apply to one gender. The Advocate has their story.


A model known by the one-word name Mimi has become the first transgender woman to model on Project Runway. Pink News mentions that former host of the show Tim Gunn has said that he was conflicted about using transgender models.

The family of 11-year-old drag queen Desmond Is Amazing say they have received several complaints claiming they are guilty of “child abuse” for allowing him to perform in drag shows. His mother, Wendy Napoles, shared a letter from the New York State Office of Children and Family Service, which said claims of “child abuse” in this case are unfounded. You can read about the state’s investigation of complaints in Pink News.

The University of Southern California has a new scholarship specifically for transgender students in the dramatic arts. The scholarship is named for Alexandra Billings, who serves as an assistant professor of acting at USC. She also has been seen professionally on television. The Advocate has more.

The Netherlands added transgender and intersex people to its nondiscrimination laws. This comes to us from Dutch News.

Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous explained to ET Canada why she backed out of gender confirmation surgery after meeting with the doctor in Thailand.

At the age of 21, Jay Kelly has won a youth award from the Prince’s Trust in Britain. He has gone from being barely able to leave the house to being a student of mental health nursing. The Independent has more.

A transgender person was seen dancing naked in the streets of Indonesia, according to Asia One.

A dance performance by Sean Dorsey Dance this past weekend in San Francisco was titled Boys in Trouble. The dance company is the first queer dance troupe founded and choreographed by its name sake who is transgender. Learn more from The Bay Area Reporter. Thanks to Ms. Bob Davis for the story.

As part of its Female In Focus series (which celebrates the work of female and non-binary photographers), British Journal of Photography highlighted Jess T. Dugan, a non-binary photographer who is known for portraits of aging members of the transgender community.

Hazel Edwards

Hazel Edwards attended Boys Latin School of Philadelphia, an all-male educational environment. She left the school when they would not accept her gender identity. Since then, she has worked with a non-profit, and has come back to help the school get a better handle on how to deal with transgender students. She was profiled in LGBTQ Nation.

A Kickstarter campaign has raised over $15,000 to help get a transgender fairy tale published. The campaign to get Raven Wild into print has raised more than half its goal. Gay Star News has this story. If you want to contribute, you can find the campaign here.

The New Zealand Herald printed an article called, “Advice To My Younger Trans Self: My One, Huge Regret.” The regret lies in waiting so long before changing genders.

When news of a scandal involving bribes to gain college admissions became public, Twitter user Dilara Elbir began a “March Madness” bracket competition to determine which actress should play Felicity Huffman in the movie about the scandal. Another Twitter user named Katelyn Burns said, “A trans woman should play Felicity Huffman, imo,” and included a picture of the cover from the DVD of Transamerica. The Advocate has more feedback from this Twitter exchange.

Shawn Sunshine Strickland

Shawn Sunshine Strickland, a homeless woman known as the “Supergirl of San Francisco” for her ubiquitous superhero attire, filed a federal lawsuit against the City and County of San Francisco in September 2018 alleging that the city denied her right to publicly protest. The lawsuit is underway but the city has revised its policy on protests on the steps of City Hall. Thanks to Ms. Bob Davis for pointing out the article in The Bay Area Reporter.


Representative Tom Morrison filed a bill in the Illinois House of Representatives which would permit the state to suspend or revoke the medical license of any doctor who performed gender confirmation surgery or who prescribed puberty-suppressing medications. Although this measure is being met with much opposition, the very fact that it was filed is troubling. For attempting to block doctors from what medical science considers to be the best treatment for a condition, Tom Morrison gets a TWIT Award. The Telegraph of Alton, Illinois has this story.

As we reported last week, the Equality Act was introduced in the House of Representatives this week. This brought forth the almost-expected reaction from some on the right. Terry Schilling brought up the old chestnut about “forcing young girls to shower with men,” among a litany of the usual anti-transgender garbage. Terry Schilling gets to share a TWIT with others who spread lies about this legislation. You can find the column in The Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller also ran an “exposè” of “the online community facilitating the gender transitions of 5-year-olds.” It is among the most biased pieces of alleged journalism you can ever see. This alone gets that publication a TWIT Award.

A French teacher in Virginia refused to comply with multiple administrators’ requests to address a student by his preferred pronoun, and was put on leave and then fired. The Westboro Baptist Church sent a team of protestors to picket outside West Point High School protesting the teachers dismissal. For traveling all the way from Kansas to protest in support of a teacher who refused to follow the school policy on transgender students we award them a TWIT. Thanks to Jamie Roberts for pointing out the article in The Virginia Gazette.

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