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The Week In Trans 1/10/22

| Jan 10, 2022
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Lia Thomas

Lia Thomas’s teammates supposedly considered a boycott of her last home meet, according to The Daily Mail. However, The Today Show reports that Lia’s teammates at the University of Pennsylvania support her.

The Ivy League issued a statement stressing that it supports Lia Thomas and other transgender athletes. LGBTQ Nation has this story. Alyssa Washington submitted a link to the story.

Timothy LeDuc is a non-binary figure skater. They hope to make history skating at the Winter Olympics next month. This story comes from

The United States Transgender Survey should have compiled their latest survey in 2020. Kate Sosin of the 19th reports that the National Center for Transgender Equality is working on the survey, to be released this year. This information is used by activists and lawmakers in shaping bills. Thanks to Alyssa Washington for a link to the story.

The annual report by California’s Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board shows fewer traffic and pedestrian stops by police, but Black and transgender people are stopped at a rate significantly higher than the rate at which white cisgender people are stopped. This story comes from them. Thanks to Shelley Anne for the link to the story.

Amariey Lej

Amariey Lej is the first transgender person murdered in the U.S. in 2022. She was found by police on New Year’s morning in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. She had been shot to death. KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh has this story. Alyssa Washington sent the link to the story.

Police in Jacksonville, Florida, are investigating a suspicious death. The victim, referred to as “The Duval Princess,” was found unconscious at a parking garage, and died in hospital. Doctors say that her injuries are not consistent with traffic accidents. TransGriot has this story.

Part-time legislatures in several states are beginning their session for the year. Anti-transgender bills have already been introduced in seven states this year, several of them pre-filed before the session began. Most of these bills are aimed at transgender youth, including bans on participation in sports and on medical treatment of gender dysphoria in minors. This story comes from NBC News. Alyssa Washington submitted the link.

WDET public radio has a story about the importance of identification that aligns with one’s gender identity, including an option other than “male” or “female”. has a story about a non-profit building houses for transgender women of color.

The 19th has a story about help for transgender people who lost their jobs or housing.

Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun has a new reality series on Netflix. You can read about it at PinkNews.

A bill in California which would ban unnecessary surgeries on intersex infants has been withdrawn by the state Senator who proposed it. He found that the bill did not have sufficient support to pass at this time, but hopes to reintroduce it in the future. The Advocate has this story.

D Magazine has a story about what was lost when the pediatric gender clinic in Dallas–the only one in the state of Texas–closed.

Israel will allow transgender individuals, as well as same sex couples and single fathers, to pursue parental surrogacy. UPI has this story.

Now that The Matrix Resurrections has been out for a few weeks, it is safe for to print a list of seven things in the movie which have a special meaning for transgender people.

Sasha Allen, who has been impressing people with his performance on The Voice, talked to Ellen about the importance of telling his transgender truth, so that others can hear it. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

Ariel, trans girl? has a list of songs from Disney movies which seem to be about coming out as LGBTQ.

The Boswells School has renamed one of its six houses Holmes House, after Olympic gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes. This house had previously been called Rowling House, after J.K. Rowling. However, some students and staff had requested the name of the house be changed due to the author’s statements on transgender people. This story comes from Mail Onlne.

Patton Oswalt recently tweeted that he had accepted an invitation to appear on stage with Dave Chappelle. After seeing the reactions to his social media posts about the show, he added, “I support trans peoples’ rights – ANYONE’S rights – to live safely in the world as their fullest selves.” LGBTQ Nation has this story.

There is an article about new genderless fashions from India. GQ India has this story.

There is a brief Q&A with the queens from the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race at them.

Trans contestant Kerri Colby.

For the first time in the history of RuPaul’s Drag Race, two of the queens are transgender. This story comes from them.

It may be a new year, but in London, it seems like old times. There are plans for a protest outside the offices of the BBC, by people objecting to the broadcaster’s “clear agenda of hate.” More specifically, they are objecting to the BBC allowing TERFs and others to express anti-transgender views on the air. PinkNews has this story.

The Times of London (a Rupert Murdoch newspaper) had to issue two corrections within days of each other, regarding anti-transgender misinformation. You can read about the corrections at PinkNews.

Nottingham Girls’ High School in England has announced that it will not accept transgender females. They say that they will use the sex listed on birth certificates. That being their policy, they almost certainly will accept some transgender males, likely students whose parents hope the school will talk their child out of a “transgender fantasy.” The Nottingham Post has this story.

Ireland’s only gender clinic is very understaffed. They can only accept about 150 new patients this year. They are looking for additional staff, but it is unclear how many they might be able to find. This story comes from PinkNews.


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has a story about how a trans girl named Ellie dealt with being transgender at the age of seven.

Lithuania is finally changing its laws to remove the surgical requirement prior to a legal change of gender. PinkNews has this story.

Them has some recommendations of changes you can make this year.

A transgender woman in Japan was referred to prosecutors for the crime of using a ladie’s room in Osaka. Japan Today has this story.

A Visalia, California woman is suing her former employer–WinCo Holdings, Inc.–for alleged discrimination and unlawful dismissal based on her status as a transgender person. Shelley Anne found the story in Valley Voice.

A transgender man who became pregnant as the result of a night spend with someone he found on Grindr gave birth. If this sounds a bit sensational, perhaps that’s because this story comes from The Daily Mail.

Erin Parisi is a transgender mountain climber whose mission is climbing the highest peak on each continent. She has now planted a transgender pride flag on the top of five of the seven mountains. This week, she scaled Vinson Massif in Antarctica. Next up for her is Mount Denali. The Washington Blade has this story.

Amy Schneider

Amy Schneider had quite a week. On Sunday, she reported being robbed at gunpoint. Metro Weekly has that story. She then got sick. She also has had to deal with transphobic comments, as she set a new record for most money won on Jeopardy! by a female contestant. (That record does not count winnings in tournaments.) She also broke the record for most consecutive games won by a woman. CBS News has a story about how she deals with anti-transgender comments. And on Friday’s show, she passed the one-million-dollar mark in winnings. She talked to The AP about that. Alyssa Washington submitted links to these stories.


Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers has pre-filed bills to stop transgender youth from participating in school sports and from receiving the medical care of their gender dysphoria that doctors feel is appropriate. The latter bill not only forbids puberty blockers and other hormone therapy (specifically for gender dysphoria–they can still be prescribed for minors, but only for other reasons), it also contains a provision which would force teachers, school administrators, counsellors, and school nurses to inform parents if their child’s “gender is inconsistent with his or her biological sex.” For effectively outing trans youth, and for ignoring the wisdom of doctors collectively, state Senator Wendy Rogers gets a TWIT Award. PinkNews has this story.

The Daily Signal has an article entitled, “What You Need To Know About Real Agenda of ‘Transgender’ Movement”. (Yes, they seem to have a dislike of the definite article, as well as transgender people.) The article contains the usual insistence on the gender binary, it contains the usual bad science (including the unscientific word “crazy”), etc. The article is an interview with Kara Dansky, a self-declared feminist and author of “The Abolition of Sex: How the ‘Transgender’ Agenda Harms Women and Girls”. The Daily Signal has another such article, titled, “Transgender Activists Strategize to Overcome GOP Wins With ‘Race Class Gender Narrative.” (Mind you, this is at a time when Republicans are seeking to put control of elections in the hands of Republican politicians, who get the power to determine if an election is valid based on their feelings about the election.) For blatant misinformation, and for the promotion of false experts, The Daily Signal gets a TWIT Award.

Madeleine Kearns of The National Review has a story about transgender prisoners in women’s prisons. The interview with a questionable expert basically says that transgender prisoners have been sexually abusing cisgender women in prison. While there may be an isolated incident here and there–usually involving a transgender prisoner whose record should have disqualified them from being put in a women’s prison, but the reports have far more exaggeration than fact. For overselling a problem to the point of missing where the problem exists, and for the usual bias, Madeleine Kearns gets a TWIT.

We mentioned above the conservatives who have made jokes and nasty comments about Amy Schneider setting new records for earnings and most games won by a woman on Jeopardy!. LGBTQ Nation has a round-up of some of those comments. It is interesting to note that both of the previous record-holders, Larissa Kelly and Julia Collins, have been gracious in congratulating Amy Schneider on her accomplishments on the show. All those who insist on complaining about Amy Schneider being classified as a female competitor get a TWIT. They show their wisdom in a meme going around, which says transgender women are now accused of having unfair advantages in sports, beauty pageants, and game shows.

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