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| Apr 28, 2014
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Dear Readers,

This is Lorraine Anderson writing for you again!  And I have been thinking.  It hurts, but one tries to keep in practice.

All of us image and style-conscious people have many go-to philosophies and crumbs of wisdom to scatter before you, but today I am going against my general rules to offer some heart-felt advice.  Welcome to my epiphany!

Here it is — I just saw an old photo of a dear friend of mine, in a non-flattering top composed of broad horizontal black and white stripes, paired with a too-short & non-classy cut-off jeans skirt.  My first thought was EEEUUWWW!  Way to look your worst, hon!  But then I went back and stared at the photo for a spell; I wound up seeing so much more than a Glamour Don’t.  I saw sass, attitude, happiness and strength.  I saw a person’s soul in the gender SHE truly is, and I have to tell you — it was beautiful.

I know we all have items of clothing (and some have entire wardrobes!) that do not flatter us, are out of style, or don’t really fit.  Well, I can help you with one of these issues — I can make them fit, or duplicate them in another size, or help you find a new one.

I have a small category in my wardrobe that I think of as Wild Cards.  This includes a yellow linen blouse that kind of makes me look like I am anemic — but I love the bright color and so I wear it anyway.  I also have a fairly undignified short jeans skirt-is it kinda skanky?  You bet your ass it is!  Do I still wear it? I think you know I do, as well as too-short cut-off jeans shorts.  I am proud to say that I made myself a leopard-print knit dress that is not only a wee bit too tight — it is waaay too low-necked for a person of my age and cleavage to sport in public.  Does this actually keep me from wearing it?  HELL no.  One of my fashion tenets is to always include something just a bit outre — hoop earrings that are unseemly in their largeness, a neckline that’s a hair too revealing, just a bit too much eyeliner.

Now, I am not advocating that all of us strut around in loud, tacky, unflattering clothing — oh no.  Let’s remember proportion!  And find well-fitting, stylish apparel that is a GREAT color on us! Wear decent undergarments! But I whole-heartedly invite all of you to keep some flashy & tawdry crap in your collection, IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY.  Obviously, if it makes you sad and nervous, 86 that stuff tout suite. Or if you can’ t take the eye-rolling and snickering, just wear it at home or with close friends, like at Renaissance meetings.

I urge you, while remaining classy and proud, to never lose that wild, crazy, sassy broad that lives within us all.

What over-the-top item of clothing or accessory do you love to flaunt? Tell The Occasional Woman and the other TGF readers in the comment area below.

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