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Well, my dears, it looks like Spring is finally on its way! HUZZAH! Time to switch from covered and shivering, dark colors and sadness. Hello warmer weather, flirty duds and strappy little shoes! But what to wear. . . .

I have done my monthly plowing of fashion magazines, Googling and rummaging through the nicer department stores, and here is what I found.

Fashion is insane. Yup, that about sums it up. The good news is that COLOR is a big YES for spring! Pastels, a perennial spring favorite, will always be in style. They are flattering to most of us, light and cheery, and can be “main dishes” as well as accents. Pink is one of my special faves—it wakes up the complexion, softens one’s features, and makes people like you more. Soft blues and turquoise, lavender and light coral—all mood-lighteners and flatterers.

If only it were all that simple. The other big color rage is—crayon bright. Drenched scarlet, neon yellow, slap-you-in-the-face orange, screaming lime green and cobalt blue. Yes, we have freakin’ choices. Call me crazy, but I prefer the yelling colors as trim, accents and accessories. Wearing a whole dress in psychedelic yellow can make a person appear larger, and can easily out-shout the wearer—they’ll see the dress and not you. But hey, you choose.

An embroidered jumpsuit.

The other big trend is seriously annoying clothing. Case in point—jumpsuits. Where to start? First of all, jumpsuits made for women are going to be short-waisted on any person who has some dude genetic compounds, as the average torsos of men and women are different lengths. Short-waisted, you may ask? How bad can that be? Put on a jumpsuit and just try to raise your arm—ouch! The other big problem with jumpsuits and rompers should be obvious—peeing. There you are in your cute romper, and you gotta pee. This means you hafta take all of your clothes off. Worst case scenario: You are at an event, in a romper/jumpsuit, and head off to the loo. You undo the front, go to sit on the throne, and the clothes fall down onto the gross floor. You finish up, and try to stand while clutching your raiment, but no, the hem is caught in your stiletto heel. Still struggling and swearing, you continue to wrestle the outfit and in struggling to thread your arm through the armhole, you miss and it’s back into the toilet with the jumpsuit, and, since there is only one bathroom, everybody waiting hates you. You slink out, under the icy glare of your former friends, and go weep in the car.

That being said, there are a LOT of ug-lee duds out there! Many unflatteringly boxy cropped (read—too short) trousers, cardboard-looking tops, and soldierly-structured natural fiber clothes that will give you the appearance of an expensive shopping bag. Let it pass.

An embroidered flat.

The good stuff—beautiful embroidered garments! And SHOES! Nothing looks as rich and yet FUN as a nicely embroidered piece of clothing. And a simple pair of pants or nice skirt will wake right up if decorated with lush embroidery. Macy’s has some nifty things like this, as does Nordstrom. Even a small splash of delicate trim will heighten the appeal of a flowy blouse or snazzy jacket. And embroidered booties or shoes—your stock just went UP!  

There are also (FINALLY) some really cute flats out there. Decorated, embroidered, bedazzled, you name it. The comfy shoe has become fashionable. I got a delightful pair of light-color denim flats with the cutest criss-cross ankle strap and have gotten clothing to go with the SHOES. Comfortable and cute–I am so pleased. And they have little rhinestones. Makes me feel all girly and adorable.

Ladies, enjoy the nicer weather, and bloom everywhere you go!

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