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The Occasional Woman — New Year’s Eve Sparkle

| Dec 26, 2016
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Dear Stuffed from Holiday Over-Eating Readers; welcome to the waning days of the Holiday Chub Season! I hope you got fun presents, and had time to hang out with loved friends and/or relatives. So, what’s coming up? The evening known to bartenders as “Amateur Night” — New Year’s Eve. And your most important decision — What to wear!

First of all, figure out where you’re going. Fancy party, medium party, no party but riding the subway to see the fireworks, drinking yourself into a blubbering mess in some upholstered sewer, or some other destination, what you wear can make of break your evening.

All of us want to go to a seriously splashy party! And if this is your destination, lucky you. You get to wear a drop-dead dress! And on this night, you can wear just about any color, and no jewelry is too flashy. A black dress, with ropes of Swarovski crystals draped around your neck? A one-shouldered red number, with feathers in your hair, and on your sky-high heels? Go for it! On New Year’s Eve, anything goes. Wear a snake! Or just a reptile print. Are you comfortable in high heels? Great. But if you are not, here’s an idea that has served me well — start the evening in the 4 inchers, but discreetly bring along shorter-heeled shoes, and change into them when the rest of the guests are suitably snockered. I did this at a fancy wedding — started in towering heels, went to 2 inch ones, and ended the night in flats, and not one person noticed.

Even if you wind up at a medium party, a “low-key” affair, you can still dazzle,  In some tiiiight jeans or legging with boots and a jazzy top, you can still sport some serious make-up and jewelry. Hit the nearest Ross or Marshalls, and just zoom in on some accessories that shine! Diamond-look hoops, or swingy chandelier earrings combined with an equally stunning necklace will go with a cashmere sweater on this night. Lurex tops, metallic miniskirts, leather anything is a big yes tonight.

Don’t forget the sparkle for your face, too. Some metallic eye-shadow or lipstick is an easy way to POP your appearance. If you can handle false eyelashes, some are available with sparkly stuff already on.

Going to see the fireworks? You can still be a shiny thing, just make sure you are reasonably warm. Comfy shoes or boots? Put a sparkly chain around the  ankles, where your flask is hidden. Leave the purse at home, and just take lipstick, a Kleenex, ID, a ten dollar bill, and your Mace.

Are there don’ts for New Year’s Eve? Yes. Don’t barf on your shoes, if you wear plaid it had better be sequined, and as always — Make it sparkly! You have the rest of the year to look classy.

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The Occasional Woman

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I am a native Californian who has been based in the Philadelphia area since 1984. My first CD fashion creation was a gold lamé dress for the now esteemed editor of this publication. Since then I have made tons of fabulous frocks and other fashion apparel for the crossdressing and transgender community. Contact me for custom clothing or alterations via email: Visit my Facebook page, @alterationsbylorraine

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