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| Feb 22, 2016
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Dear Readers,

As you may remember, in the last installment of my column on fashion, clothing and general appearance concerns, I had the nerve to bring up the subject of makeup and how to use it to one’s best advantage. As I didn’t completely know what I was talking about, I promised to do something my friends have been advising me to do for years — Seek Professional Help. No, I didn’t hie myself off to a shrink. Instead, I went over to Macy’s, and zeroed in on the Urban Decay Makeup section.

I presented myself and my face to one Cherrie Edwards therein, as she IS a professional makeup and special effects maven. We had a short interview, talked about cosmetics and their purposes. Now, I did the unthinkable; for my readers, I went out in public WITHOUT my life-long companion — eyeliner. I only leave the house sans liner if I am in an ambulance, going to the beach, or have some sort of raging eye infection. But this time, I wished to present a clean face, and see what happened.

I first asked Ms. Cherrie if she had any set-in-stone rules for makeup; she replied that she has hardly any “rules” for ANTHING. We chortled for a spell on that one, and then she decided that her main rule is: Don’t be afraid of color. Play with it and have fun.

After thinking it over a bit more she added another “suggestion.” Concentrate on what you wish to emphasize. In my case, that was the eyes. Her first move was to put some Primer on my face. This sets up the skin to receive actual makeup, while also moisturizing the skin, to keep it supple and fab. As I am a life-long mud-pack enthusiast and quit smoking back when Ronald Reagan was first elected President (not my fault, by the way), my skin is pretty good, so she used subtle colors to highlight cheekbones and a base foundation to even out any color imperfections. She finished this off with a wee dusting of powder, and a swoop of gentle blush.


Anti Aging Primer

On to the eyes! First, Ms. C gently smoothed on some Anti-Aging Primer Potion, so that eyeshadow used would stay put,and the lids would be further hydrated. The area just under the well-manicured eyebrows (there should be TWO) was brushed with a lighter color, to make the eyes POP and look more bright. A sweep of a medium-chocolate shadow went into the crease above my eyes, and just a little light color went on the lid itself.

then, my favorite part — dark brown pencil eyeliner went onto the lash line, which is right smack above the eyelashes — a very thin, precise line, going out to a small “wing” at the eye’s outer edge. It was GREAT! Ms. Cherrie then mixed up some swell black mascara, and expertly brushed it onto my upper lashes, which looked fantastic. The eye area was finished off with a small smudge of brown shadow at the outer corner, just under the eyelashes, which subtly emphasized my nice blue color.

urban_decay_eyesNow it was off to lip-land; as I have fairly miserly lips, I did NOT want to pull focus to their scantiness, but I also wanted them to at least show the hell up. She outlined them with a lip pencil in the same shade as the lipstick to be used — and it didn’t look clownish, like when a person lines them and then fills in the actual lips with a lighter color. Never do this! The lipstick wears off sooner than the liner, and — Here’s Bozo! Lipliner on, she filled in the lipitude with a great color called Sheer Rapture. It’s a medium browny-pinky-mauve, and I bought it ’cause it is PERFECT.

urban_decay_glitterFace all done, and colors perfect, I asked if Ms. Cherrie had any other suggestions percolating after our session; she suggested that for most of us, it is best to pick one area and emphasize it. If you want to showcase your eyes, then it’s best not to play up the lips too much, as it pulls focus all over the place. Also, if one’s mouth is small and one isn’t real happy about that, a too-bright color will make people’s eyes zero in on the shouty lips, and said small mouth will look even smaller. She did say that if you want to emphasize both lips AND eyes, please use complimentary colors, i.e., stick with a similar color palette.

I really enjoyed myself, and picked up some good tips! Ms. Cherrie works her magic at the Urban Decay shop within Macy’s Cherry Hill, and would welcome any of you ladies for a makeover. She is a really talented artist and a swell human being, and has definitely widened my makeup horizons. She is also kind and hilarious.

Whatever you decide to do, makeup wise, always remember to keep your personal face clean and moisturized! Enjoy what is left of winter, if that is even possible, and treat yourself nicely.

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