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| Jul 14, 2014
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Hey there, my little chickadees! I certainly hope you all are out there enjoying the lack of snow, and reveling in the many opportunities we ladies have to saunter around in flirty dresses and audacious sandals. And don’t forget sassy beach cover-ups, wicked water wear and bloomin’ blouses. I know I am.

Did some one mention sandals? Oh, right, it was me. I would like to visit the subject of summer (and other seasons) footwear. I am sure you know the importance of footwear when accessorizing a successful and lovely outfit, but allow me to bring up a few potential problem areas.

First, we all love us some sandals, don’t we! And we want to look super-bitchin’ in them all the time. The perennially stylish sandal makes a sly show of our fee ties — and I ask you to put on a sandal without stockings or hose of any kind. Then, take a goooood long look, both with your eyes and the mirror: do you see nasty, ashy, cracked and dry feet? Really?

foot-careFoot care time! Get thee a pedicure — OR just use a pumice stone (gently) in the bathtub and carefully scrub that dry rhino-hide off! Then after careful drying, it’s time to use some nice foot lotion. If you’re doing this foot care at night then use something with lanolin in it, but not a whole sheep’s worth. (Note: If you are diabetic or have some gross bunions or some rash/fungal unhappiness, you know my motto — seek professional help!)



The other thing about which I am strident is your ability to adequately perambulate in heels — if you can’t walk in the shoes, you can’t wear the shoes! I see womenfolk all the damn time mincing and tottering in heels to which they are not accustomed, and it ain’t pretty. Practice at home and do try to be realistic when buying shoes — If you cannot safely master the art and skill of walking easily in heels, and with a minimum of pain, don’t buy them or wear them. You will be amazed at how much a good podiatrist can cost if you torture your happy feet too much.

I hope you and your two (or one, as the case may be) footy friends have a swell rest of the summer, and wish you love, peace and — shoes!

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