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| Jan 18, 2021
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Woman with Visible Thong syndrome.

Well, a slap-happy New Year to one and all-how are we doing so far? Still all quarantined up, and I bet most of us are trying not to chub out big time. I am losing the battle, but remain foolishly optimistic. Once again, I was reading one of those articles about Fashion for 2021; it was new trends, and about what people will and won’t accept in their personal modish arsenal. Apparently, Big Fashion is still trying to suggest that we all wear thongs, and show them emerging from our back waistbands. Of the 17 ladies interviewed about this trend 15 said they would not be doing this! I am in total agreement, as underwear belongs under your clothes. But hey, that’s me.

I read the remainder of the article, and these are my takeaways.

A dress featuring digital printed cloth.

SCREEN PRINTS: By this, they mean actual photographs printed on fabrics, made into scarves and garments. Hmmm . . . I don’t hate it—except one must be wary of placement of the prints! As in, do we really want to wear a shirt with Sting’s face all over it? What if his nose points right into your crotchal region? Or if his ears become individual boobs? Or, goffabid, the face has one eye much lower than the other, and your breasticals look like wonky spectacles? This is a real issue to consider!

A summertime maxi dress.

MAXI-DRESSES: So many things to consider! Living in an area which has real winters, for me—weather! If it’s 30 degrees out, and I will need to be outside, it’s a big fat shivering no. I hate being cold. A lot. The other consideration—how great are your legs?! Or, how much do you want to show them? Are they your number one Swell Feature, or do they just get you where you want to go, and you’ed rather showcase a tiny waist, or a bodacious booty? As a proud owner and operator of nice legs, I want to show them. At every opportunity! Another thing—are you, like me, accident-prone? Because I am here to tell you—a person really can trip on a long skirt! Your shoe can catch on the hem, and then you will have the sublime joy of tripping up the stairs! This also goes for the drinkers out there. Want to get 86ed from your local pub for gettin’ your stems caught up in fabric, and nose-planting on the sticky floor? No? Well then, stick to the shorter skirt.

Wrap skirt.

WRAP SKIRTS: Like a kilt, but not necessarily plaid. These were really big in the 1970s; I remember seeing ladies in wrap skirts fighting strong winds in San Francisco—one hand on their purse, and the other one on a thigh, keeping the skirt from blowing open and showing the world their goodies. So what you want to do when considering the wearing of a wrap-around skirt is—do you live in a windy area? Is there enough of the under-half of a wrap skirt to keep you reasonably covered? Are you wearing clean undies? If after mulling these questions you are still confident about it, do wear such a garment.

Pretty in pink.

My last topic concerns a perpetual Favorite Color. The Big Color for this approaching year is Bubble-Gum Pink. This is a challenging color—the bubble-gum part, anyway. I think it does best as an accent color, especially combined with a dark outfit. A snazzy pink scarf or t-shirt with a black suit, or a navy jacket and a skirt—perfect. The brightness of Bubble-Gum pink is always good on the beach, or if one is under 15 years old. But if you are a matureish lady, you might feel like a child-strumpet in 100% pink. Always remember that pink comes in tons of shades—palest shell pink, light pastel pink, and my favorite, dark pink. Very flattering for almost everybody. And never forget—there’s just something eternally festive about a black dress worn with pink shoes!

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