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The Occasional Woman: Dressing for our Winter Spring

| Feb 20, 2017
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Hello, dear friends!

We have now survived Valentine’s Day, and as I sit here it is around 65-70 degrees in February. On the East Coast. But hey — at least there’s no global warming, eh? So this is when I have, historically, gone out to enjoy a lovely day, laid around in my bathing suit and gotten pneumonia. But not this year! Oh, no, I’m attempting some smartness here, cuz it is still winter, not spring! I urge you to follow my lead, and here are some fashionable ways to do so!

First of all, since it is still going to be cooold, now is a swell time to pick up a nifty coat — for a huge discount! Macy’s has them for 50%-75% off right now,  and for that amount you can probably afford to get something either trendy or classic-a nice trench-coat will never go out of style, so that’s a good bet. And according to all of the fashion websites, we all still need to be sportin’ moto jackets-you know, short motor-cycly looking snazzy things.  you can put the little moto over a dress and look both tough and feminine, pair it with a flowery skirt and look fun, too. Just be sure that the moto jacket isn’t too stiff, shouldery or butch — keep it simple and well-fitted.

And speaking of “too butch” — always keep on the lookout for E.S.P. — Excessive Shoulder Pads! Unless you are going for the linebacker look, and I know you aren’t, try to go for jackets and coats sans shoulder pads. And, they can be removed by a professional, the shoulder-line taken in a bit, and presto-no Dynasty shoulders for you!

Another trend that will not seem to go away is booties. No, not the fluffy kind yer granny crocheted, but ankle-tall ones with some heel. Again, I would caution you on the too-clunky ones — I saw a lady in black tights and tan booties — I was waiting for the sooooo-eeee call to come down the Lower Forty!! We would all do well to keep the booties darker than the leg-covering-otherwise, it’s back to Green Acres with you. Also, a slimmer bootie, not a way-chunky boot, is quite flattering and actually comfortable! Oh the joy — a foot fashion that doesn’t hurt! It’s a miracle!

No Poodle legs, please!

A caution — I saw a lady last night in boots that had a big furry cuff, worn with leggings and a ho skirt; the cuffs rubbed against each other, and it was a case of Instant Poodle. So not attractive! Unless you are on your way to Clown College, or are a supremely confident li’l rich girl, the Poodle leg is verboten.

One always timely reminder — if you can’t comfortably walk in high heels, fer god-sakes — Don’t wear them! You’ll wind up doing the pointy-toe mince, or the arm-flapping “whoa Nellie” to remain standing.  Please practice in the privacy of your home until you have that gliiiide down — or stick to wedges.

Enjoy the brief weather respite, stay warm and healthy, and shop them sales!

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