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The Magical Power of Panties…

| May 1, 2007
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100_6522.JPGI told Allison this weekend I’d be writing about the “Magical Power of Panties”.

Allison? Oh, Allison Daniels. You know her. She’s one of the other writers here at TGForum. Anyway…

She, and you will have to wait for the blog on the Magical Power of Panties, because I want to talk about meeting Allison.

I’ve known her for years, but only recently met face-to-face. We were both in Indianapolis, attending the AltGirls anniversary party. Many girls ate at a little place called English Ivy’s, (where I heartily recommend the cranberry-walnut-chicken salad!) before going off to Talbott’s.

The AltGirls are a social organization, consisting of transgirls, some admirers, and a few other friends from other “communities”. They had nearly 50 people turn out for their shindig. (See photo.)

We need more groups like this: purely social. No dues, no responsibility, no sitting in a circle talking about feelings… just a bunch of like minded people getting together for fun.

If you want a support group, you’re likely to make some new friends in a social gathering like this, and you can get support from them.

(And if anyone says I look like a fat cow in this picture, you’re right.)

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