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The Henri David Halloween Ball 2009

| Nov 2, 2009
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For more years than JoAnn or I can mention we’ve been on the guest list for The Henri David Halloween Ball in downtown Philadelphia. Actually, I will say that a Henri David Halloween Ball was really my first night out in drag. It was in another decade and that’s as far as I go. I didn’t really enjoy the Ball that night cause of those first time jitters. (The sound and feel of your high heels on pavement is a bit of a shock the first time.) So, I left early and really didn’t even get to see much of the crowd.

Since that first aborted attempt at Halloween fun I have been to many of Henry’s parties and they are all fabulous, and the costumes and the crossdressing can be outrageous. He started holding his annual Halloween party in 1968 and they’ve just gotten bigger and bigger. Somewhere around 2000 people attend and you have to be one of them at least once. Don’t try to find his website. Henry is still promoting the Ball they way he did in 1968, with elaborate poster sized fliers. You can Google “Henri David Halloween” and find lots of pages with pictures from his parties and you’ll get the address and phone number of his jewelry store, “Halloween.” (You can call them about tickets for next year.

But that’s all the history you need. Click HERE to view the photos from this year’s event. (Requires Flash Player.)

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