The  Curious Case of the Tell-Tale Toes

| Jan 2, 2023
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My crossdresser husband experienced an awkward situation at work a few weeks back. He severely injured his foot which required medical attention from first responders. However, before the medics arrived, his close co-workers (who are all retired police officers and military personnel) tried to provide first aid.

They first wanted to remove Bill’s boot because they feared the swelling would make it difficult, if not impossible, to remove it. Bill staunchly refused to allow them to remove his boot, which took his fellow brothers by surprise—after all, Bill knew the danger that a severely swollen foot compressed in a boot could cause. Even Bill’s boss could not convince him to remove the boot.

Bill didn’t have a choice when the medics arrived. When his boot and sock were removed, there were Bill’s toes painted in bright pink polish and donning silver toe rings. The medics weren’t fazed one bit—they had seen it all in their line of work. By this time, Bill was in such pain he didn’t have time to be embarrassed or to care about what others thought of his painted toes.

Bill spent 25 years in law enforcement, serving on SWAT for 20 and on a motorcycle for 12, presenting significant life-threatening situations nearly every day. Although he didn’t regularly wear nail polish or toe rings until after he retired, he often wore feminine panties under his police uniform. Pink with lace was his favorite. He was fortunate that his injuries sustained while on duty did not require his pants to be cut off, but he always said it was worth the risk.

This attitude is much in line with the overall risks Bill, and many others like him, are willing to take to feed the obsession, whether wearing pink lace panties under his uniform or meeting strange men he met online in a hotel room. It is much like all other addictions. The person afflicted with it is willing to risk anything and everything to experience the rush. The reward and thrill of it all are worth the gamble, and so are the consequences—no matter who or what is sacrificed.

Bill hasn’t talked about what happened since he told me about it while still in the emergency room, and I haven’t pressed him for his thoughts on how he intends to handle it when he returns to work next week. I presume he will manage it like all the other times when he was caught in a compromising situation—even something as innocent as wearing pink nail polish. He will pretend it didn’t happen or engage in some form of “gaslighting” by trying to convince others they didn’t see what they saw —it’s all in their imagination. I lost track of the times he tried that tactic on me. However, it may be difficult for him to get away with that claim on former cops.

Personally—and privately—I am pretty amused by the entire chain of events. I don’t care much for Bill’s crossdressing any longer because of all the associated secrets, lies, and risks that were part and parcel of his otherwise harmless pastime. It’s highly unlikely someone at work will say anything to him about his nail polish or toe rings, but no doubt the water cooler conversations are quite lively. Next week should be interesting.

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