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| Dec 6, 2021
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Recently I bought a new corset. I have plain corsets whose sole purpose is to pull in my waist. Some have fixed or removable garters, which allows some flexibility when dressing. This corset however, is more decorative. I don’t really know why I bought it, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Probably so I can wear it as my feature item of clothing if I am going to the right party.

Pauline models her new corset.

Buying a corset can be quite complex. Under bust, over bust, with garters, or without. With the advent of stay ups, the no garter option appears to be the most popular. I went for an over bust version, it has both lace up and a zipper to assist putting it on.The corset I wanted did not have garters; if I need them I will wear a garter belt under the corset.

After a great deal of searching on Amazon I found a corset I liked. It is predominately black, with elasticated sides and a broad purple stripe in the front and back. It also came with a black skirt, which is longer at the back than the front. The skirt’s waist was too large so it had to be altered. That took about ten minutes.

Our  personal measurements are usually quite different from those of a female, to whom the sizes on a website are actually directed. Obviously, women’s waist sizes are much smaller than those of a man. Speaking for myself, my measurements are essentially the same at my hips, waist, and chest, Obviously, the chest dimension increases, when wearing forms, and  waists reduce when wearing a corset.

When dealing with a vendor, such as Amazon, a lot of its sub-vendors provide size charts. So unless you fit in a particular category; I doubt if many of us do, this is probably the most difficult part of the purchase.

Most of the sizing tables give you two figures for each measurement. If you are uncertain where you fit within the posted range the advice is, go for the largest size. I knew the waist would be reduced, so the problem would be the bust. As a 42C my best option was 38 to 40 inches, one has to consider the waist size as well. You have to end up with an acceptable waist size.The posted waist sizes can be quite small so a compromise is needed. I went for a 40 inch bust and crossed my fingers. Corset specialists, suggest that the waist size of the corset should range between 2 to 6 inches below actual waist measurement. In this case I chose 2 inches.

It arrived earlier than promised, and I opened the parcel with some trepidation. Will it fit, is it what I ordered, will I like it.? The answer to all these questions was a resounding yes!

Shower, shave, makeup ,and, with the help of my wife, I tried it on. I loved it! I wish I could still wear heels to really set it off. Oh well, being older has some disadvantages.

The Breast Form Store sells a variety of corsets with sizing charts geared toward male bodied customers.

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