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The Art and Magic of Feminine Illusion, Part Two: The Creme de la Creme

| May 26, 2014
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In Part One, I noted that to “pass” as a woman is both artful and propitious: propitious and artful in that with the right face and body, combined with skill in “doing” one’s face and taste in picking the best wigs and feminine attire/acessories, many CDs look more attractive, feminine, ladylike, sexy, pretty, lovely, stylish, classy, elegant, and glamorous than most genetic women, And not a few are stunning, gorgeous, ravishing, beautiful, voluptuous, and resplendent.

I observed that the illusion of femaleness, the woman one sees when viewing the images of males en femme, whose real identities iare unknown, is obviously an illusion. But the femininity, beauty, and sexiness are real, if only in appearance, just as real as that of real women. The beauty and femininity of women is to a large degree a cultural creation and “artificial social construct.” The natural femininity and beauty of women is enhanced by culture and its sundry and ever-growing artificial inventions, masks, guises, accoutrements, embellishments and adornments that can be used by males to appear as attractive females.

Visit the Internet and see myriads of photos and videos which confirm the truth of these insights and observations. Behold the images of CDs and TVs at the Vanity Club, Flikr, Ipernity, and many other websites, including scores of transformation salons. Watch videos on You Tube (e.g., see Jay’s Makover by Raine Storm at Fairplay), and be amazed. Marvel at the sight of Tawni Bonds, Donna Kelli, Ana Cristina Garcia, Jamie Grae, Jenee Davis, Joann Taboada, Tippy Gillette, Jamie Austin, Amanda Richards, Kathy Taylor, Ms. Jackie, Shair Lynne Michaels, Daphne Edwards, Samantha Jones, Linda Lewis, Erica Wordell, Rhiana Richards, Beverly Williams, Jacqueline Hilton, Gail and Gina, numbers 477 and 478, who look like twin sisters, and many others, including me.

I emailed a few of my favorites, congratulating them for having “perfected and mastered the art and magic of feminine illusion.” “Not knowing your real identity,” I wrote to each, “no one seeing your images would think you’re a man.” Most replied, nearly always briefly, thanking me for my compliments, my appreciation of their femininity, glamor, elegance, sexiness, beauty.

Tawni Bonds

Tawni Bonds

The exquisite Tawni Bonds, arguably the most ravishing and gorgeous of all semi-famous T-Girls. Tall, lean, and willowy, with sublime features that would make her pretty even as a male sans makeup and luxurious wigs — she looks like a super-model in the mold of Gisele Bundchen.

With the smart choice of a medium-length honey-blonde wig with bangs, Donna Kelli has the fresh-faced, wholesome, “all-American girl” look of a young Mary Hart or Vanna White, her features so perfect and feminine that she’d look like a woman with little or no makeup, and her legs in nylons as sexy and shapely as the woman who insured her “gams” for a “cool million” each with Lloyds of London.


Jenee Davis

The dazzling Jenee Davis, a “bombshell” and “sexpot” in lingerie, zaftig and curvy, with her big wild curly honey-blonde wig. And so, too, in scores of other images at VC and Flickr in many outfits, from glamorous dresses and elegant gowns to a Hooters waitress uniform, and a variety of blonde and auburn wigs.

The lovely Kyrie Alexander, her face all eyes and lips, pictured in black-and-white and quoted at length in Helen Boyd’s My Husband Betty. Her legs in nylons are as sexy as those of Mary Hart and Donna Kelli.

Jamie Grae is a man who is 6’3″ and almost 70-years old. Pictured “en drab,” nobody would call him handsome, much less “pretty.” But en femme as Jamie, painted, powdered, and usually coifed with a curly auburn wig, he’s resplendent, glamorous, elegant, classy, stylish, regal, lovely, at times almost beautiful, a tastefully sexy and sultry T-girl who appears to be in her late-30s to early 40s with a perfect figure, a statuesque version of the classic hour-glass proportions, accentuated at times by a corset which isn’t necessary.

jamie-graeThe top of her Ipernity site features a picture of Jamie sunbathing on a wooden deck in an orange bikini decorated with pale-yellow beige flower petals, lying on her left side, back to the camera: her shoulders, arms, hands, back, hips, buttocks, legs, and feet could be those of a women in her 20s. If facing the camera she would look like a sexy woman in her late 30s to early 40s as she does in virtually all photos. Even in a bikini she not only appears as a woman but as a lovely and feminine one who looks much younger, astonishingly so, than a genetic male almost 70-years old.

In this and many other pictures, even her stomach, back, legs, and feet, when bare, are passable and feminine. Her bare skin, alabaster or lightly tanned, is creamy, taut, smooth, flawless.and devoid of scars and veins and wrinkles Her legs are exquisite, especially in black stockings, perfectly shaped, consummately proportional, gorgeous legs as sexy as they’re long and feet in nylons or even bare that are not only passable but feminine and pretty and amazingly petite.

Ana Christina Garcia

Ana Christina Garcia

Ana Cristina Garcia (aka, Cristy 98 girl at Flickr), a stunning dark-eyed beauty, a celebrity and “icon” in the world ( or should I say underworld) of transvestism. Crossdressings’ leading star, famous in microcosm: she’s amassed over 20 millions views at Flickr as of late May. In early May she wrote: “Either yesterday or today I reached the 20 million total views mark.” And hundreds of those views are mine.

Myriads of photos in an array of outfits, hundreds of dresses and skirts and tops and shoes, gracefully posing in or outside her mansion in Guatemala, or in public with other TVs at various events and gatherings, most visibly the SCC, accompanied by her commentary, articles, profiles, and videos: all show and tell the story of her life as a T-girl from the 1980s to 2014, from a young beauty in her 20s to an even lovelier middle-aged crossdresser, exclusively heterosexual, as he/she has said many times, and happily married with two children.

Cristy is lovely, classy, sylish, elegant, virtual perfection en femme from hair to heels. She always wears the same wig but has so many pairs of shoes that her website at Flikr has ten albums that each highlight a different style: pumps, wedges, espadrilles, sandals, mules, etc. (But recently, and lamentably, she’s followed the trend of actresses, newswomen, etc., even politicians like Sarah Palin, in not wearing nylons with dresses and skirts and heels.) Her wardrobe of feminine attire must rival and rank with those of wealthy actresses, models, singers, various other celebrities, and the “trophy wives” of millionaires and billionaires. For a crossdresser, what luck to be rich or well-off.

I love all her pictures, but especially those of her in a simple black dress with sheer black tights and 4-inch black platform pumps — and especially the many photos from 2002 in which she is not smiling. And so do many commenters: “Exotic,” “sultry,” “breathless,” “captivating,” and similar descriptions, encomiums, and panegyrics. Viewing a picture of her from 2002 in which she isn’t smiling and her soft and sultry lips are slightly pouting, a commenter named Thierry enthused: “Your mouth is made for kissing.” Cristy replied: “Thank you Thierry but keep in mind that I am a heterosexual male.” I would assume that Thierry is also a heterosexual male. And that is why he wants to kiss a TV whose femininity, beauty, and sexiness is as real, in appearance, as a real woman, and who is more desirable, indeed more kissable, superficially, than 80-90% of real women. And viewing the same picture, Jamie Grae gushed: “This picture just melts my heart. Now I’m even more in love with you.”

She has a lovely smile with perfect white gleaming teeth; it brightens and softens her face and makes her radiant and amiable and invitingly feminine, a beautiful women who is happy and loving and friendly and approachable. But for me and I’m sure many other heterosexuals, CDs or not, she’s even lovelier when not smiling: smoky, sultry, sexy, sensuous, seductive. But, alas, she is smiling in every photo since 2004. Please, Cristina, “melt our hearts” and much else and deepen our love by not smiling in many pictures.

And myriads of admirers and worshippers — those responsible for the now 20 million-plus views on Flickr — would love to see Cristy in lingerie, chemises, baby-dolls, silky robes, garter-belts, and sheer nylons — posing like Tawni Bonds, Tippy Gillette, Kryie Alexander, Jamie Grae, Jenee Davis, Joann Taboada, even Laura Lenley, the pretty housewife and mother next door but so classy and enticing in lingerie and silky black stockings.

joann_taboadaJoAnn Tadoada, the Pilipino doll, is simply adorable, precociously petite, exquisitely feminine from her hair to her toes. She’s cute, pretty, feminine, and passable even with little makeup. And, apparently, she doesn’t even wear a wig but styles her own hair in a feminine manner. In appearance, like Jamie Grae, her body is that of a woman even when bare except for a bra or bikini-top and panties/shorts; her shoulders, arms, hands, stomach, legs are feminine, delicate, small-boned; her skin is soft, creamy, smooth, flawless.

With full makeup, expertly applied, her hair styled expertly, bejeweled with earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and clothed in a variety of dresses and gowns and blouse/shirt combinations, shoes and stockings, she is stunning, gorgeous, exotic, ravishing, classy, elegant, glamorous. Seductive, playful, flirtatious, she’s mastered the art of posing in many ways to enhance her patina of womanliness. Singularly delicious and desirable are her scores of photos in all kinds of lingerie with her sexy legs and feet in nylons of sundry styles and shades. She has an album at Flickr entitled “sexy nylon feet and legs.”

But the exhilaration and fulfillment of CD and “passing” as a sexy and alluring woman goes beyond the lure and power of fetishism and erotic arousal/titillation, It’s gratifying and thrilling for purely aesthetic reasons: At her Flickr website, JoAnn Taboada writes:

When I see an attractive woman all dressed up and made up so well, it just makes me want to pause and admire her beauty. Because she’s so beautiful, that is one of the main reasons why I enjoy crossdressing and dressing the way I do. And to be the object of one’s admiration, is such a wonderful experience…Since I love women so much, this is probably why I enjoy presenting myself as a lady and it’s that feeling of being sexy and treated as such that is oh so satisfying.

Yes, for heterosexuals, crossdressing is an expression of our love and desire for women, an appreciation and adoration of women and their beauty and femininity. We become, superficially but in spirit, the object of desire and affection, the being we worship. Passable CD is an apotheosis of femininity and womanhood. TVs idolize women by creating a patina and illusion of femininity; the art and magic of becoming, if only in appearance, the opposite sex, the pretty sex, the “fairer sex.” Emulation is flattery, a gesture of love and exaltation.

Crossdressing is defined as a “hobby,” “pastime,” fetish, perversion, “compulsion,” and worse. I’ll call it an art or art form, an expression and flowering of creativity and individuality, perfected and mastered by artists like Tawni Bonds, Ana Cristina Garcia, Jamie Grae, Joann Taboada, and many others. The face is a canvas on which to work their magic and apply their inventiveness, skillfully painted to appear as a woman and framed with wigs of various colors and styles or even their own hair styled to look feminine. their bodies from neck to feet covered and adorned with necklaces, bracelets, blouses, chemises, jackets, dresses, robes, skirts, stockings and tights of many hues and textures, and spike-heels, platform pumps, boots, sling-backs, sandals, wedges, etc.

It’s fun, exciting, gratifying, titillating, purposeful: emotionally, aesthetically, erotically. For many, especially the beauties who’ve perfected the art and magic of feminine illusion, crossdressing is a form of joie de vivre, “a keen or buoyant joy in living,” literally, the “joy of living.”

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