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TGF Newsbreak

| Aug 1, 2007
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So, I’m gone for a week, and what happens? A judge rules on hormones for a prisoner, a TS sues a bar owner in Arizona over which bathroom to use, and women learn how hard it is to run in heels.

And on top of all that, Tammy Faye dies. Sheesh.

Get it all, and learn who the Hero of the Week is, inside this edition of the TGF News!

A bathroom battle royale in Scottsdale, Arizona. A bar owner says he can ban TG’s from using the ladies room. Would he rather they pee on the dance floor? 12News has video, and the Arizona Republic has print, all in the same link!

A judge says the State of Idaho must provide hormones to a transsexual convict. Get the story from KHQ-TV.

alexis-giraldo.JPG title=A TS prisoner in California is suing because her cellmate beat the living daylights out of her. The Washington Post has the details. And the has reaction from the outside world.

It’s too late for most of us, but there’s a new treatment for transgendered kids to delay the ravages of puberty. Details revealed in, where else? The San Francisco Weekly. reports that the number of trans-friendly employers has quadrupled since 2003. (Of course, 4 times 2 is still only 8.)

Heard about the lead singer of the Cliks? ABC News interviews him, if Pamela DeGroff hasn’t already.

Associate with a certain group of people, and you’re seen as one of them. And one activist in Boston is embracing the misconception. The Edge has the story of my Hero of the Week.

And for our Embarrassment of the Week, we go to London, where a tranny attacked a cop. I should say allegedly, because it’s possible it’s a frame up. icSouthLondon has what little details there are.

The star of La Cage aux Folles has died. Michel Serrault was 79. It was cancer, according to the New York Times.

Many in the drag community are mourning the loss of an icon. Heklina of Trannyshack is among them.

Many in the drag community are mourning the loss of meaning and depth, and are panning John Travolta in the remake of Hairspray. Read the Village Voice for more.

Ever been to a gay prom? Me either. But reading this article in AZ, is almost kinda sorta like thinking about going there, but staying in your hotel room and going to bed early.

And you think your feet hurt after a night out? Check out this video from Russia.

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