TG History — The Easiest TG Quiz Ever

| Apr 12, 2010
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Michelle Moore brings you TG History

Absolutely The Easiest Transgender History Quiz You’ll Ever Take!

“Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.Peter Paul Mounds

Don’t you just hate taking tough multiple choice tests? I know I do. So to make picking the correct answers these questions easier — and to have some fun — I’ve included alternate choices that are, well, kind of silly actually. That sounds easy enough, so grab yourself a #2 pencil and good luck!

jorgensen1. Christine Jorgensen, perhaps the most famous transsexual of all time, had her sexual realignment surgery completed in:

(a) Denmark

(b) The Lincoln Bedroom of the White House

(c) Superman’s Fortress of Solitude

(d) New Jersey

2. Speaking of which, who was called “The Christine Jorgensen of the Republican Party”?

(a) Christine Jorgensen

(b) Ex-Republican Senator Charles Woodall

(c) Ex-Republican Senator Bob Dole (before Viagra)

(d) Ex-Republican Governor Sara Palin (after Viagra)

3. The term “Genuine Transvestites” was once used to describe:

(a) Crossdressers

(b) Transsexuals

(c) TransGenuineists (groan)

(d) Transvestites who come with their own certificate of authenticity

4. This common transgender phrase comes from the German word “Geschlechtsumwandlung

What does it mean?

(a) Cover your mouth when you sneeze

(b) I’d like to have a sex change, please

225px-Hogan_and_the_Gang(c) Colonel Hogan is escaping thru the tunnel disguised as a woman!

(d) You perhaps have relatives crossdressing in Germany?

5. What exactly is a vaginoid?

(a) A person who is concerned or obsessed with female genitalia

(b) A very distinctively shaped asteroid

(c) A sex organ that is man-made but strong enough for a woman

(d) A being from another planet far superior to our own

VirginiaPrince6. In February of 1960, Virginia Prince began publishing a magazine for crossdressers called Transvestia and soon after founded the first major organization for transvestites. But in 1964, US postal inspectors intercepted mail from Prince and arrested her on postal obscenity charges. It was charged that in her correspondence Prince had:

(a) Organized massive public displays of crossdressing

(b) Advocated the widespread use of blue eye shadow

(c) Shamelessly confessed to being a flaming heterosexual

(d) Libelously referred to the Postmaster General as “a big fat poopyhead”

7. It’s a truism that yesterday’s current events ultimately become tomorrow’s history. So let’s jump back a decade or so revisit the news at the end of the last century. See if you can identify which of these actually was a real, honest-to-goodness news story back in the day:

(a) The heroic struggle of a kick-boxer in search of the ultimate prize: sexual reassignment surgery

(b) The inspirational tale of a crossdressed volleyball team on a championship quest

(c) The intimidating story of fearsome transgendered bill collectors

(d) The shocking discovery of rampant crossdressing among tropical fish

There, now wasn’t that easy? To see how you did, check out the correct answers here.

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  1. ronnierho ronnierho says:

    Ah, jeez. No-one said there was going to be a test. Guess I’d better dig my blonde wig out and practice batting my eyelashes.

    That said, Heeee-larious!!!

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