Ten things to do if you’re not at SCC

| Sep 15, 2007
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ddbf.jpgThe chat rooms are dead. Your IM list is empty. No-one is updating their MySpace page. Seems like every year about this time our Internet communities dry up. And why not? By some estimations, at least a quarter of a million crossdressers, transsexuals, drag queens, grrls, shemales, FTM’s, and admirers have descended upon Atlanta.

And what are the rest of us supposed to do while they’re gone? Read on, dearie. Read on…

Fall cleaning! Move all your summer clothes into storage and get out your winter wear. Make some room by pitching all the stuff you’ll never wear again, because it’s out of style, or doesn’t fit. Be honest and be brutal. And be clever: consider selling it to another t-girl. (More on that later.)

Clean up your mailbox. All those e-mails that you’ve meant to reply to? Now’s the time to do it. All the cute jokes and urban legend warnings you’ve received? Forward them now. You’ll be filling up the e-mailboxes of all your friends who went to SCC and left you behind.

Clean up yourself! Go over your body and trim back those long eyebrow hairs. Clip your toenails. And look for rogue hairs. (I was talking with a guy yesterday who had a hair an inch and half long growing out of the bridge of his nose. It took all my willpower not to reach over and pluck it. Ick!)

Clean up your website! Do you really need 47 photos of yourself in the same outfit, in a slightly different pose each time?

Catch up on previously written TGForum articles and blogs. There’s a bunch of stuff that comes down the pike. Have you read it all? Have you responded to it? (We do love feedback! Even on old pieces.) Have you looked in the Library? There are Pictorals going back to 1995!

Get acquainted with the copious amounts of transgendered entertainment on YouTube. (Not that I’m biased or anything.)

Wash and dry your wig! When was the last time that thing saw shampoo?

Organize your jewelry drawer! Have you looked in there lately? No wonder you can’t find a necklace to match your earrings.

Go out yourself! Just because some people have gone to Atlanta doesn’t mean you have to stay at home! Besides: when your friends come home, you can interrupt their stories of how much fun they had, with a few stories of your own!

Okay so there are only 9. You come up with number ten, and share it with the rest of us!

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