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The Magic of the Gatherings

| Jun 25, 2018 | Reply

The Artist D! has attended their first ever BDSM convention and with the sight of dominatrixes in head to toe latex walking their human “dogs” on leashes and the other somewhat shocking images to be seen at every turn The Artist D! finds a similarity between all conventions that celebrate life styles. And they wonder what the world would be like if the people at BDSM convention, furry conventions, and crossdresser conventions could be totally open and display their inner selves during their everyday life. Get The Artist D!’s other thoughts on the subject in “The Magic of the Gatherings.”

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Tranny Queer, Queers in Church

| May 1, 2017 | Reply

The past is gone and cannot be accessed again. The future is not yet here and no one knows what it will hold. The present is all that we can affect and be aware of. The Artist D thinks that concerns over the past, the future and the will of God may be holding people back from being who they truly are. She explores that theme in today’s post “Tranny Queer, Queers in Church.”

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Red, White, and Gay

| Jun 29, 2015 | Reply

The Artist D is not a big fan of church weddings. In fact, while she wholeheartedly supports the right of same sex couples to marry if they choose she wonders why anyone would want to walk down the aisle of a church that rejects them as people.

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Follow Your Bliss

| Aug 26, 2013 | Reply

Fifty years ago Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream. Here in the 21st century The Artist D has a dream and it is one she tries to live everyday. As John Lennon imagined, so The Artist D dreams and she dreams of a world without judgement or gossip. A world where there is no need to come out because everyone is “out” about who they are all the time to everyone. Come and live, at least for a few brief moments, inside The Artist D’s beautiful dream.

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