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Let’s Not Project Our Beliefs Onto Others

| Aug 19, 2013 | 1 Reply

Great minds think alike. That’s the cliche and it seems that two of the great minds at TGForum were running in the same track this past week. Or at least they were reading the same blogger. Blogger Meggan Summerville published a list she title “What Not to Say to a Transgender Woman.” Angela Gardner read it and was moved to write Transgender or Transgendered” for today’s new content. Dallas Denny also read the same blog and responds.

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I Was a Trans Student

| Apr 26, 2013 | 1 Reply

Young Dallas Denny didn’t get much of a girlhood. For the most part she had to imagine being one of the girls. Then in her junior year she got some clothes and makeup and dressed up for an afternoon now and then. Find out what it was like being a trans student.

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