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Tranny Queer, Dysphoric as Fudge

| Jun 26, 2017 | Reply

The Artist D talks about understanding gender dysphoria in two ways. She/he has always felt like a gender outlaw and can present in either gender or none without being bothered by the shape of their genitals. But The Artist D had issues with body image regarding fat. No matter how thin she/he was they always saw themselves as to fat. The longing to be thin gave them some idea of the effect of gender dysphoria and that was enforced when they were around someone everyday who suffered with gender dysphoria.

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Tranny Queer, Queers in Church

| May 1, 2017 | Reply

The past is gone and cannot be accessed again. The future is not yet here and no one knows what it will hold. The present is all that we can affect and be aware of. The Artist D thinks that concerns over the past, the future and the will of God may be holding people back from being who they truly are. She explores that theme in today’s post “Tranny Queer, Queers in Church.”

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Tranny Queer, Queers and Steers

| Apr 3, 2017 | 1 Reply

Recently The Artist D! spent a week deep in the heart of Texas. One would think that possibly The Artist D! would not be the most comfortable in such a place but she found that no one actually attacked her and as she traveled around the state she noted differences in how she was treated. Give her column a read to see how the differently gendered/gender queer are treated in the Lone Star State.

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Tranny Queer, the Beginning of Bent

| Mar 13, 2017 | Reply

The Artist D is exploring why we have stick with a particular gender. Why not be what we want to be when we want it? Is it really necessary to pick one and move along? Gender fluidity is a growing phenomena in the trans world. Mixing elements of masculine and feminine becomes more common every day. Join The Artist D as she treks into the gender jungle and seeks out bold new ways to live and be happy.

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