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Part III: McHugh/Mayer — Politics, Not Science

| Oct 10, 2016 | 1 Reply

Dr. Dana Bevan has been unpacking and refuting the “report” by McHugh/Mayer in The New Atlantis that right wing media sites are now using as proof that being transgender is not real. Dr. Bevan has pointed out the errors in the author’s thinking, whether they are (as they seem to be) intentional, or result from poor research. Whatever the author’s intent we must conclude that their “report” is a political document meant to dismiss the reality of our lives. Even the staff at Paul McHugh’s former employer, Johns Hopkins, have issues a statement saying the “report” is full of errors and is unscientific. Read what Dr. Bevan has to say in her final blog on the McHugh/Mayer report.

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