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The Week In Trans 3/19/18

| Mar 19, 2018 | Reply

Time for all the trans news anyone would want! It’s The Week In Trans! RuPaul gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A study shows that genetic variants makes us who we are. The Trump administration is still trying to ban trans in the military. Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State could mean problems for trans people. A judge rules in favor of a trans student. Texas is rethinking a bathroom bill. Shannon Daniels came out as trans and won’t be working at her school next year. Pakistan is issuing driver’s licenses to trans people. A woman is suing Tinder claiming they dropped her when she came out as trans on the app. A study shows that trans people are happy with GCS. Brazilian researchers discover that trans brains are different. There are all those stories and more, plus a boat load of TWIT Awards! Don’t miss your TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 1/22/18

| Jan 22, 2018 | Reply

On the twenty second day of the first month of 2018 we bring you all the trans news in The Week In Trans! Today we learn that Paris Lees talks about her inclusion in British Vogue. We have news of the Trump administration’s attempts to infringe LGBTQ rights. Last year’s Women’s March inspired a trans woman to run for city council, and she won. One third of all trans people surveyed in Britain have experienced hate crimes in the past year. Eddie Izzard lost an election for the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee. The National Health Service in Britain promised a gender clinic in Wales but so far none has appeared. A drag queen Shabbat? An Australian sex worker is convicted of spreading AIDS. The New Zealand census won’t include questions about sexual orientation and gender identity because of “silly” answers. There’s all that and much more, along with several TWIT Awards. To keep you abreast of all the trans news, don’t forget your TWIT!

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The Week In Trans 1/8/18

| Jan 8, 2018 | Reply

It’s time for New Content on TGForum.com! First we present The Week In Trans! Today we learn that Paris Lees is the first trans woman featured in British Vogue. Housing rules for trans prisoners may be changing for the worst. There are five trans candidates running in the Democratic primaries in Texas. A car dealership “outed” a trans employee and a judge does not buy their defense. Trans people are now enlisting. A former drag performer is now a trans preacher. The book “Fire And Fury” says President Trump had no basis for his trans military ban. Scotland is working on a Gender Recognition Act similar to Ireland’s. A Spanish drag queen caused controversy by appearing in an Epiphany parade in Madrid. A speech clinic working with trans people in Utah is over booked. RuPaul is a Funko figurine. NYC drag kid Desmond is Amazing wants to create a “house” for drag kids. A Native American drag queen who lost 500 pounds has a remake of a Sylvester song charting in Billboard. There’s all that and plenty more in this edition of TWIT! Plus a few well deserved TWIT Awards!

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