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Makeup, Makeovers & Mary Kay Ash

| Apr 25, 2016 | 2 Replies

Everyone can benefit from a bit of makeup. The proper use of cosmetics can make a bland face look vibrant. A touch of lipstick, a hint of blush and a lady feels prepared to take on the world. Some women will not go out of the house without their eyeliner in place. And, on the other hand, over use or improper application of makeup on a trans woman can be a disaster. How does one learn the do’s and don’ts of makeup? Cate O’Malley has some tips.

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The Occasional Woman: Makeup! Part 1

| Jan 25, 2016 | Reply

Today the head seamstress of The Occasional Woman, Lorraine Anderson, drops the subject of clothing to discuss something many of us could use help and advice about: makeup. It’s not that she’s an expert in the area of face decoration and enhancement. Far from it. Her usual makeup routine is basic and, routine. When she was a teen her paint was extreme. Now it’s minimal and she wants to learn how to do more, but not too much. Dip into cosmetics with her in this first of a two-parter on makeup.

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Transformations by The Boudoir Los Angeles

| Apr 28, 2014 | Reply

Jodie Lynne, the owner of The Boudoir London dressing service has expanded her domain to Los Angeles. Last week Angela Gardner visited The Boudoir Los Angeles. Today we bring you Angela’s review of the newest transformation spot in southern California.

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